Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Pictures and Update

Both girls were sleeping peacefully yesterday at the TCN. Here are their newest photos. The first is Reagan. As you can see, she did not want to be disturbed but has had trouble sleeping with her IV in her arm for her medicine. She keeps raking it across her face. See that tube that is hanging in Reagan's bassinnet - that is how they give her whatever she doesn't eat with the bottle. When she is finished, they hang it up and pour whatever is left to go in through her NG tube. But guess what - it isn't there anymore!!! They took it out today. And all day, Reagan has only eaten with bottles today and has eaten all of her food. Her nurse today said that I better get ready because she is ready to come really soon! I asked her if she could still come home with her infection and she said that she could...they would just change her medicine to something she could take orally. Cameron, was also resting peacefully. She is so cute because she wakes up now and is so alert for so long! It really shocks me how long she can stay awake...which is great while she is in the TCN...not so great for Mom and Dad when they want to sleep through the night!! I will be interested to see, once she makes the transition to the bassinett, if she is still really alert or if it will tire her out more. Cameron wasn't very interested in eating from the bottle today for some reason. Normally, she takes the whole bottle and today she only took a small amount. Maybe she needed a break. You may also notice Aubrey's picture...both girls have a picture of their big sister watching over them during the day!
On other news, we sold our car today so right now we are a one car family (huge Praise!!)- which can make it interesting trying to schedule hospital visits. We are hoping to get a van the first of the week.
Weight update - Just spoke to hospital - Cameron lost today. Looks like today was an off day in general for her. Reagan finally really gained some weight and is now 3 lbs. almost 14 oz! Getting closer!


  1. Praise God!! I am so excited for you and your precious family! Thanks for the pictures - I can not wait to meet them in person.

  2. That is so wonderful to hear that the girls will be coming home soon! I know you are both getting very excited and I'm sure Aubrey is ready to have her sisters home so she can "play" with them :)!!! Take care and we will continue keeping all of you in our prayers!