Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sweet Medicine

I am so thankful for all three of my girls. It is amazing...I can feel horrible, be discouraged, feel tired...anything and being with them, it all melts away. I love spending time with them. Both Reagan and Cameron were very funny today. They would scream and fuss when the other was being held by mom and then when I would hold them finally they would smile a smile that seemed to say - ha! I got my way! They have such cute little grins. Reagan does have an infection so they have begun antibiotics this afternoon and are running a few other tests to be sure that she does not have a blood infection. They had to start another IV and Reagan's veins weren't they had to put the IV in her head!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!! Sorry I just feel so sorry for poor Reagan - she really has had a lot this week and now a needle in her head - poor baby. I am thankful that they waited until after I was gone to do all of that - I think had I been there I probably would have been crying right along with her. Cameron is handling her new feeding schedule well.

Its funny today at the hospital I was loaded down with clean clothes and blankets for the girls in bags and someone in the elevator said - "Someone must have had a baby girl." I told them two and they said congratulations. I found myself thinking - I still can't believe that I have twins. They are twelve weeks old and I still can't believe that God would bless our family so much. I am so humbled by how generous and loving God is. What two special gifts and miracles.


  1. Leslie although my experience has not been exactly the same I know exactly how you feel to have twins. Allie and RJ are 4 months old now and I still catch myself looking at them in awe at what a blessing they are to our life and how I couldn't imagine life without them now. It has truly been an experience having me...there's nothing like it! Children are truly a blessing and a miracle!

    I'm so thankful that the girls are doing so well! I'm sorry Reagan had to have a needle in her head...ouch! I couldn't have stood it either. I cry now in the doctor's office when they get their's pitiful! Well, please know that you all are still in our prayers!

  2. so happy for your visit to the hospital this morning with Aubry. Sorry my ankle has yet again ruined plans. We WILL get stuff to you this weekend one way or another.

  3. OH! One of my litle ones had to have an IV in her head while in the NICU as well. The nurses made us leave so they could do it and we wouldn't have to witness it. They had to shave a little piece of hair - they kept it and laminated it to a card and put "Megan's first hair cut" on it for us. I still have it. It was so hard to see, but that IV stayed put and we didn't have trouble with that vein bursting or her pulling it out. Once it was in she didnt' feel it. When I read that I cried just remembering coming back and seeing that IV in her head. It sounds like teh girls are doing great and growing so big and strong. You will be amazed at how quickly they just take off!

  4. What an amazing mom and person you are -- the love you have for your children (all three) really shows.