Thursday, March 5, 2009

Today's Visit

Well, the much anticipated visit occurred today. It was wonderful...yet exhausting - I had forgotten how much trekking back and forth to Duke once or twice a day was! The girls looked beautiful and slept for much of the time that we were at the hospital. Did I mention that our family was going to be famous and our girls are already modeling at the young age of 10weeks? Just kidding. We really were a part of a photo shoot for Duke today for a publication. They needed a picture of a family with babies and I guess we won. Cameron was the main attraction today...originally it was supposed to be both girls but since they were not together in the TCN side by side, they decided to just use Cameron for most of the shots and then towards the end they let me go and get Reagan and we added her in as well. Cameron did great and really enjoyed Daddy holding her. Oh yes, Cameron was moved back to TCN today during the day shift...which we are so pumped about. Then, I came back tonight with my mom and Seth's mom and we held the babies. I attempted to bottle feed Reagan and boy do I stink at it! You would think that I had never fed a baby before but I was so scared. Just to let you know how much I stink...when the nurses feed her she takes about 20 mL...when I fed her she only drank 5! I hope that I will get more comfortable and learn quickly. My goal is to be there to learn as much as possible - feeding, bathing, taking them in and out of the isolette, changing their clothes. Many of these tasks are things that we did with Aubrey but it all seems brand new now that we are dealing with babies this small!

So, here is the report that I have for you tonight. Reagan is up to 3 lbs. 2 oz. Cameron lost weight and so I think she is still around 2 lb. 6 or 7 oz. Reagan is now drinking a full ounce for each feed! Cameron had a kidney ultrasound this week and she does have small kidney stones but they do not appear to be causing her trouble right now - her heart rate was in the 140s when we were there tonight.

I think that is all for the report for tonight...I have to be back at the hospital tomorrow morning at 8am to meet with the lactation consultant to work with the girls. So, not long to sleep for me!

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  1. I hope seth had his hair did for the photo. Great news gang, I am happy for you and do hope you have a full home of girls soon! Hang in there, and so glad you are getting back to the hospital again. Stay jacked up on Orange Juice, and hand sanitizer, If ya'll get sick again I am seriously getting you a bubble.