Monday, March 2, 2009


What a weekend! I truly do believe that we have spent more money on doctor's/hospital visits this month than in our entire lives! It has been crazy! After an emergency room visit yesterday and a 104.8 fever - Aubrey is finally beginning to act like herself again! It was very scary for me as her mom...especially since she has never really run high fevers before. But we are thankful and hopeful that she will be through all of this soon. We are praying that we do not get it as well.

In the meantime, the girls have been doing great! Cameron is back off of the cannula again - the nurse practitioners agreed that she does just as well off of the cannula as she does on why put her on something that she doesn't need. The girls were bathed and weighed last night but her nurse forgot to write it down but I do know that Cameron lost a bit and Reagan gained about 10 they are relatively the same as last reported. They have added another does of beneprotein (not sure if that is how it is spelled) to Cameron's milk to hopefully help her in gaining and they are hoping to move her to being fed for one hour and then not for three soon (like a typical baby feeding schedule). Today both girls are being seen by the speech therapist. Last night Reagan drank 22mL of her feed orally!!!Yippee!!!! And when I called today, the speech therapist was feeding her while I spoke to the nurse and she was already at 15mL. I don't know when Cameron will begin to work on bottle feeding but I don't think they will do that until she transitions to the new feeding schedule. I have been told that we have now reached the point where Reagan will begin to work on feeding with Mom and the lactation consultants. I am so excited and eager for us to be symptom free and fever free (I still have a cough and a runny nose!) Last night the nurse said that both girls about 15 min. apart starting having some decent desats and crying loudly. She went to check on them and each one had made it all the way out of their blankets from being swaddled and had moved themselves all the way down to the bottom of their incubators! I guess they made a plan together and executed it to keep the nurse on her toes!

The girls will have their eyes checked tomorrow by the pediatric opthamologist. Please continue to keep them in your prayers.


  1. Wow, what a weekend! Sorry I haven't been commenting lately, it's just been busy around here. I sure hope that Aubrey is feeling better and getting over her crud. I really hate that for you, and it is probably just daycare yuck...Jessie had everything coming and going when she was in daycare! Another good point to staying home, it does save money in doctor's visits! The girls sound like they have had an exciting weekend, reaching some pretty big milestones, pretty cool that they are the tiniest in the TCN and yet are perfectly ready for it! I know you are anxious to get back there and see those girls! I hope it is very soon for you! I'll certainly pray for their growth, food intake, Cameron's oral therapy sessions, and I am praying for continued good health, and definitely for their eyes!! I'll be praying for the home Carter girls to get better and be sick-free soon! Love ya!

  2. So sorry you both and little Aubrey had to go through the weekend that you did. Know that was awful to see her go through such a fever. Hopefully, this will be the last chapter of her illness and your last symptoms will end soon. Know you are anxious to begin those "real" feedings. How exciting. R. & C. have come so far and sounds like they are trying to climb out of their hospital "bed"!!! My prayers continue for all of you.

  3. "daycare yuck" I hate that too. Sorry you have been going through all that. Still Praying.