Saturday, February 28, 2009

Here We Go Again

Well, unfortunately Aubrey came home running a fever yesterday. Bless her heart. I have never seen sickness like this before. She has NEVER EVER been this sick before. Seth is convinced that the sick season is just bad this year. I don't know if this is just what life is like with a kid in daycare or just life with a kid in general. She has always been so healthy. She is still running a fever this morning but is not as lethargic as yesterday. We are hoping to get her fever to break today and hopefully it will stay away. I understand that this is life with a kid and it would not be as big of a deal if we weren't dealing with the NICU stuff. The good news is that hopefully she is getting it out of the way before the girls come home. I am still stuffy and coughy so the good news is that I couldn't go to the NICU today anyway - or tomorrow for that matter so us sick girls may just get a special movie today and snuggle.

The girls are doing great - charming their nurses. Here is what I have learned about my daughters through our most recent phone conversations! Reagan loves to drink from the bottle but we have been told that every single baby that comes through the NICU And TCN will do really well feeding and then all of a sudden they will stop. So, we have been told not to get discouraged when this happens. She gained weight to 2 lbs. 13 oz. Cameron has a temper according to her nurse last night - when she gets mad her heart rate skyrockets. Cameron is evidentally higher strung than Reagan because her resting heart rate is around 160 while Reagan's is 120's. Cameron's urinalysis did not come back indicating a kidney stone - YEAH! Her nurse last night seems to think that they have really dried her out and that is all that it is. She is still off of the cannula and last night she weighed around 2lbs. 4.5 oz. Both girls like to explode their diapers and make messes on their clothes - which makes for fun laundry for Mommy since the NICU sends it home. Both girls have gone up on their amount of food and I found out that in total they are drinking together about 14 oz. a day! Reagan averages almost an ounce every three hours and Cameron is a little over a half an ounce every three hours. Seth took milk up to the hospital last night and kangarooed with Cameron. Reagan slept the whole time that Seth was there. He said that you could see the whites of Cameron's eyes so much better and she was so alert. They had a good time together.


  1. This is the WORST year for cold's that I have seen. I have just finished my second, 3 week, bad, sweating, in-the-bed cold. I have been healthy one week. Tim got up yesterday and he had 'the plague' again! Third time for him, my nose started running and I almost cried. far, I think I may yet escape. Soooo...all of this to say Seth is right. This is a horrible year for colds. They last at least 3 weeks and they are bad, so hang in there. There is not much you can do about it anyway. God has each of you in 'His victorious right hand', so...hard as it in Him. He is truly the Provider and Protector. I share your blog and pictures with everyone that comes in the door. Aunt Pete and Uncle Joe and 'the 3 little girls' saw Ragan and Cameron yesterday. I wish you could have seen the twins faces when they looked at Cameron and Reagan and realized there is another set of twins in the family. I can tell they will be amazed when they finally get to meet these girls. Much love to all of you.

  2. Yes, Leslie, my grandbabies just keep passing it around, too! But just remember . . . SPRING IS COMING!!!!! Thank God for the HOPE that he brings to all of us in every area of our life. Enjoy your time with Aubrey and enjoy being home, perhaps even snowed in! You're gonna be a busy little mommy for the next 18 years or so. Love yall and rest! YooHoo