Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Cute Photos with Mimi and Papa

I am so jealous! Just you wait until Sunday!


  1. What a proud Mimi and Papa!! I am so happy for them to be able to hold their precious grandchildren.

  2. Wow, your girls are soooo cute! I cannot believe how great they look and alert! Who is that Cameron that is peeping at us? Wide awake, is she becoming the "pose for the camera" girl unlike in earlier pictures? And man, they really are starting to look a like! I know your mom and dad ate this up and I know that you are happy that they were able to be there for them since you can't! Grandparents are wonderful people! I pray that you continue to stay well and the rest of your family also and you will be able to hold your babies as your parents were able to do on Sunday!!! And your girl's eyes are in my prayers. I am praying for healing and miracles to happen! And that if they have to have surgery that it will be super easy on them and they will not lose any of the progress they have made so far! But I am praying for miracles! As I have already seen, miracles do happen! Thank you Jesus! I am truly amazed and I love to see God's faithfulness! He is so faithful to us! He is GOOD!! I'm telling you, I can't stop looking at their pictures in amazement and thanking God for how awesome He really is. Praying for the entire Carter family!! Hope Aubrey has gotten over croup and doing great and stays healthy! Congratulations on your beautiful girls!! I am very happy for you and excited and thanks so much for sharing with us God's tiny and yet huge miracles! Love ya!