Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another Great Visit...and New Prayer Requests

Well, we had another good visit today...which I will write more about later. But for now I just wanted to update you on our prayer requests. So many prayers answered already and thank you all so much for being faithful in praying for our family so far and please continue to do so.

-Both girls are on full feeds with additives being placed in their milk to help them to gain weight.
-Both girls do not currently have any IV medication (any meds they take are now orally through their feeding tubes)
-Cameron's infection is gone - no more staph!
-Wonderful bonding experiences with the girls
-Reagan has consistently gained weight for several nights in a row and is now well over 1,000 grams!

Prayer Requests for Immediate Needs:
-Cameron is not gaining weight like we had hoped. They have added protein to her milk - please pray that she will tolerate it well and that she will begin to gain weight again (she has lost for the last few nights)
-Cameron's billirubin levels are going down (which is a good thing) but it is not going down as quickly as they would like. They are planning on doing more bloodwork again this week to check her levels again. If the levels do not continue to go down as they would like they will begin to possibly run tests on her liver to see if it is functioning correctly (you may remember me saying that we had been told that the TPN that Cameron was on for so many weeks can take its toll on the liver). Please pray that Cameron's body would get rid of as much of the TPN as possible and that her liver is doing all that it should. I pray that her body just needs time and that all is functioning correctly.
-Both girls are in the critical stage for developing ROP - retinopathy of prematurity - the eye issue that they have been getting weekly screenings for. Their last results came back showing that things have gotten slightly worse. I am not really sure that I understand any of this but please just keep their eyes in your prayers!

Prayer Requests for Down the Road:
-Gain weight and grow
-Respiratory growth and independence for both girls - Reagan has had the cannula placed back on (even though she has it pulled off her face for much of the time) and Cameron is on the cpap. Pray that as they grow, so will their strength and their bodies will be able to function better
-Feeding: They have placed Reagan on a new feeding schedule to help prepare her for working with therapists and Mommy for feeding - she is now being fed every three hours. During that three hours they run her food for an hour right now. They are hoping to slowly shorten that feeding time to mimic a true feeding like with a bottle or nursing. She must be able to stay on this schedule in order to work with therapists.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We have made so much progress and we are so thankful to God for all that He has done for our family. We feel so blessed to have you joining with us in prayer for our little ones!


  1. Hey you two! Thank you so much for the specifics of what to pray for. I can't help but think of you throughout the day. I am printing off today's message and posting it somewhere that I will see often throughout the day (probably the mirror in the bathroom) and will pray for you and the girls. I appreciate your commitment to this blog site and think that you are an awesome mom for doing this every day! All three of your girls are beautiful and I am happy that Reagan and Cameron are doing so well! I am thankful to hear that Cameron's infection is gone and now her body can completely concentrate on gaining strength, healing from her previous complications, and growing and getting chubby (the getting chubby goes for both of them!) Take care! Love ya!

  2. As usual I was greeted with bloodshot eyes this morning in the bathroom as I turned on the light on, but this morning I got to focus on the print out of your prayer requests. Just wanted you two to know we are doing all we can from Iron Station NC! Love you two!