Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Countdown

Well, we found out yesterday that we can count Aubrey's contagiousness ending on Friday so that starts the clock to when we can go back to visit the girls. Cameron has been doing well so far with her food. They pulled her central line last night so hopefully that will help. She gained all the way up to 1 lb. 15 ounces last night but we will see if it lasts. Reagan is still a couple of ounces smaller. She is having trouble with returning to her original amount of food that she was eating. Her poor bowels can't seem to keep up with the large quantities of food that they are pushing for her to eat. They are also continuing to work on drying her lungs out to get her off of the nasal cannula. Both girls had their eyes checked today and we were told that the doctors suspect that the girls will develop ROP (a.k.a. retinopathy) which should begin to show up in the next month or so if they are going to develop it. The doctors will continue to examine the girls weekly to check their eyes.

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  1. Loved the picture. Know Friday can't come soon enough. My prayers continue for all of you.