Friday, February 27, 2009

Sick of Being Sick

Okay, so I am officially sick of being sick - ARGH!!!!! I woke up today after three days on the antibiotics and I feel worse than when I started! Man! And even though I have not had a fever since Sunday, if I still have a runny nose, sore throat, or drainage - I cannot go to the NICU Sunday. I miss being a mom to my baby girls.

I know boo, hoo - enough whining Leslie. Sorry just had to let it out for a minute!

So, both girls lost 10 grams last night - yes you heard it right - both of them. The nurse said - it must be a twin thing! I dunno - I am not a twin but I guess she could be right. So, Reagan drank 10 mLs last night of her food and she really seems to enjoy drinking from the bottle. When I called this morning both girls are doing well. They may try Cameron off of the cannula today but they are still not sure that her lungs are ready. The doctor said it depends on her exam this morning. Cameron's heart rate has been relatively high the last few days - which normally means a blood transfusion. However today I found out that they think that the diuretic that she was on may either have given her a kidney stone or have dehydrated her a little too much. It appears that the only treatment that they would do for that would be to switch her off of that diuretic or discontinue it. Poor Cameron - she is such a trooper. I think it is a fine line for the docs about the diuretic because it helps to keep fluid off of the lungs to push them further with their respiration so it will be interesting to see what happens next. Seth is going to take milk to the hospital tonight and so he will get to see the girls for the first time in quite a while - I don't know if he will recognize them...I don't know if I will recognize them either when I go. They are getting so big! I am so thankful that grandparents have been able to go to visit the girls - I can't stand the thought of the girls laying there with no visitors for so long. As I was getting off the phone - the one of the therapists was coming to work with Reagan - I think it was the OT. I cannot wait to hear how it has gone!

Good news. Cameron is on room air only!!! She is not on the cannula. They have scheduled a urinalysis for this afternoon and we should have the results tonight to see if she has a kidney stone.


  1. Your girls are so adorable! I know that it must seem like time is just creeping by, but just hang on a little longer. I bet tomorrow will be a better day and you will be feeling much better! Just hang in there! Still praying for yall! Love ya! YooHoo

  2. Hey ya'll! Just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and thinking about. I am still praying for miracles to happen for their eyes! I pray that there are good outcomes from Cameron's urinalysis, that they will gain weight instead of lose, I pray for both of their therapies, I pray for continued success with bottle feeding and that Cameron will soon be joining Reagan! that Cameron is able to go off the diuretics and do fine, and I pray that their mommy will soon get to go visit! Get some more rest, make Seth wait on you hand and foot, tell I said so! easier said than done I know, especially when you have a little one at home! I am praying for the Carter family! Love ya'll!