Friday, February 6, 2009

Keeping Fingers Crossed

Keeping fingers crossed tonight because as of last night Cameron was only 9 grams shy of 2 pounds! Realistically I know that she could go back down below again but 2 pounds is a milestone we haven't seen so far! Cameron is loving getting milk and is doing well. The current plan is to get her on full feeds by the end of the weekend and NO IV FLUIDS!!! I cannot believe that she is at this point - it is one that I didn't think we would see honestly. I think she will still have to be on antibiotics until she gets 2 negative blood cultures - the first of which should be back tomorrow definitively. Cameron continues to alternate between nasal cannula and cpap.

Reagan is also doing well and they have her up on more food than previously. They added something called microlipids to her milk a few days ago - which I think is a fancy word for "fat" but I don't know for sure. She is up to 1 lb. 14.5 ounces. They are watching her closely and as long as she continues to gain weight then they will not try to add protein to her milk again. The protein addition is what is the suspected culprit of her belly blow up previously. She has also been having some bradys and desats but her bloodwork is coming back fine. So, they are chalking this up to prematurity but will not be trying her off of nasal cannula anytime soon. As I have shared previously, Reagan is our active one who never stops moving but her nurse last night said that when she would get wild and crazy she would go in and flip her on her belly and turn on her recorder (which is a digital recorder full of her daddy talking and singing). The nurse said that she would immediately calm down, close her eyes, and try to put her thumb in her mouth and drift off to sleep. She knows her daddy's voice already! We had been pushing for them to share the recorder between both girls but because of germs and things Cameron has not been able to hear it as much.

The plan was for the girls to be reunited once again in NICU room 7. So, we will see if they are back together again tonight when we call. The time away has definitely been taking its toll - the other night I had a nightmare that the nurses called and said that there was no way the girls would be even close to coming home in April - in fact, they couldn't come home until NOVEMBER! Bet you can't guess what was on my mind as I went to sleep that night!


  1. I am so glad to hear that both precious girls are doing well! That is so sweet that Reagan recognizes her daddy's voice and that it calms her...I know that blesses your heart! God is truly working a miracle here and it is a blessing to be able to read and share this miracle daily! We will pray that both girls continue to eat well and are able to continue to gain weight...April will soon be here!!!

  2. thats awesome, praying for you right now.....

  3. Hey you two! Man that is so much fun to read, how good they are doing. God is so GOOD! I am happy for you both and cannot wait until you get to go back and hold them again! I'm praying that they will be reunited in the same room, continue to gain weight and stay healthy, and that they will be home sooner than later! Take care!