Monday, February 23, 2009

Movin' On Up!

I called today to check on the girls and boy did I get a surprise - Reagan is the next baby on the list to move to the TCN - Transitional Care Nursery. That is where babies go to feed and grow! I am so proud and scared all at the same time. I feel like the girls know that they are together but this is what we have been praying for. This is the kind of progress that we need for them to make in order to get ready to come home. Of course, she still has quite a while before that can happen but what amazing news! They say she could go as early as today but probably this week! I am sad that I may miss the transition for her but am so proud of her growth. The girls are at 2 lbs. 9.5 ounces (Reagan) and 2 lbs 2 ounces (Cameron). They have decided to go up on the amount that Cameron is being fed today to hopefully help her to gain some more weight. They also discussed having her take a go at coming off the cannula today but have decided to give her a few more days! What a big week!

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