Saturday, February 14, 2009

Identical twins?

We arrived today and saw the girls were in outfits and I thought they looked so adorable...especially when you see how big the leg holes were on the outfits they were in. I was also so excited because to me that means that we are one more step closer to bigger milestones. I later found out that they will probably not let them stay in clothes because they are not quite to where they can maintain their own body temperature yet. I made the comment - oh look wouldn't it be cute if we could get a picture of them together - their first time side by side since they were in the womb - and they said we could do it! I was so pumped.

You can compliment Seth on his photography skills later. Yes, our girls are identical twins even though they do not look it right now. I have several things to point out about these photos for you -
1. perspective - Seth was on Cameron's side of the isolette and so she looks tons bigger. You can see the third picture with Cameron's eyes half closed because of the flash was taken by the nurse on top of them and they look more around the same size (that is the only reason why I am including it!). Plus they are positioned on this weird pillow mattress thing which had their bodies at weird angles. The other thing is that Cameron's face looks way bigger and that is because it kind of is due to the hydrocortisone that she is on (it is a steroid that she has been on for a couple of weeks now but they are weaning it slowly now) but they also have her feeding tube taped oddly to her face which pulls her skin below her chin out, too!

2. skin tone - Cameron's skin does not look this yellow in person. The yellow blanket doesn't help but I think it still looks drastically different because Cameron had been on TPN for so long and Reagan was only on it for about 2.5 weeks or so. She is no longer on the medication to help remove the yellowness but I am assuming that with more time her skin will return back to "normal" coloring.

3. Weight - Reagan weighs 1 kilogram now (over 1,000 grams) and Cameron is smaller at about 950 grams. Doesn't look it, does it? Isn't that funny?

We got their a bit late so it was only a one bath day and Cameron won today. Here are a few photos along with some things I learned about my daughter -

1. - Move quick! - She gets really mad during her bath (she does this with her nurses too!) and will start to turn beet red and cry (or should I say yell).

2. - Be prepared - If she hears that we are coming to give her a bath she will purposely save it for during her bath and continuously go with each time she gets mad during the bath!

3. - It is so much fun even though I felt as if I had never given a bath to a baby before!

4. It completely wears her out so it is the perfect time to kangaroo with her afterward!



  1. Absolutely adorable!!! Happy Valentines Day to all of you!!! Love yall! YooHoo

  2. Leslie and Seth,
    I have read this tonight and the tears have flowed. This was a wonderful Valentine's present for all of us who have grown to love your babies so dearly. I told your mom that I can not wait for the day that I can hold them. Praise God for His many blessings on you and your precious girls. Speaking of girls, if you need any help with Aubrey, give us a call or send an e-mail!!

  3. So cute! Thank you so much for posting all of this. Momaw Springer said thanks too and Happy Valentine's Day. They are here with us this weekend. It is so nice to have them here to help out. These pictures are so cute, Reagan is saying, "Get my best side, make sure I look good." She's posing for the camera. Cameron is saying "Get that camera out of my face!" And the bottom right picture of their "together" pictures, Cameron is saying "I'm not going to look at you, that's enough." And then to top it off you made her take a BATH!! What kind of parents are you?! :) And after all of that, just what Cameron had been waiting for all day and made it all worth it, a little kangaroo with Daddy. I love it! It's like you can already see their little personalities in these pictures. Happy Valentine's Day. Daddy Carter has a lot of Valentines this year! Take care you two! Praying for continued weight gain and healing! Hope Cameron is feeling better! Love you! And I am so happy for you, congrats on all of the good stuff today!