Monday, February 23, 2009


Hello, well another day with a sore throat for me so that guessed it, another day without seeing the girls. Seth had to run to the hospital late last night to deliver milk for the girls and sign consents for vaccines. He and I both think that it is very scary thinking about our little ones getting all those pricks and stuff but I figure there is no better place for them to be for their first shots. Seth wasn't allowed to go in because of me this time but the nurse said that the girls are now being swaddled - which they love and it helps to hold them still. I am so excited about being able to swaddle them - we never really got to do this with Aubrey because of the brace for her hips and I bet there is tons of blanket leftover when you wrap up these little bundles!

They are both now with the same nurse, which I like because you only have to talk to one person. All of the primaries have been working and they all pretty much said that Cameron is definitely following in her sister's footsteps with trying to crawl and excercising her vocal cords on a reguar basis. Reagan seems to be sitting back, chilling out, and watching her sister show her what she has taught her right now. Here is what I know should be happening this week: bloodwork for both girls, eye exams, vaccines, Reagan should begin to meet with the speech therapist two times a week, since Cameron is off of the cpap now she should be able to be evaluated with all of the therapists, and hopefully I can start to go back at some point this week. Since Seth was at the NICU last night we did not call for an update so I am not sure where the girls stand with weight and stuff but I will find that out today when I call after rounds (about 10:30 or so).


  1. Maybe if ya'll get bubbles to live in, you wont be able to get sick, then you can go see the girls when ever you want. I will do some research on Adult size bubbles for you.

  2. I am so happy to hear how good they are doing! Thank God! I can only imagine how tiny that bundle must be when they get swaddled. I know how small I thought 5 lb babies were, I can only imagine 2 lb babies. So sweet! Another step in the right direction! Way to go girls! I am praying for continued growth, feeding success, good eye reports, and successful therapy sessions! Oh, and poor babies getting their vaccines, where do they put that big ol' needle when they have no meat to stick in! Poor babies! I'll be praying for that too! I know you wish you could be there for them! Maybe soon! Take care and I'll be praying that you get better and the rest of your household stays well! Love ya!