Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eye Update

The pediatric opthamologist and I have been playing phone tag - in general, I have assumed that when you hear from the doctor that the news is not going to be grand. This morning I got in touch with him and found out that Cameron has stage 2 growth (preplus disease) in both of her eyes, Reagan has stage 2 growth in one of her eyes. If the doctor checks them next week and they are stage 3 then he will want to do laser surgery on their eyes - that day! And with surgery comes possible sedation and/or being intubated. Yikes! I do not know what that means for them respiratory wise - if they will have to build back up to where they are now or not. He also said that for about 10% of babies who have ROP, the surgery is not effective and they will require further surgery. So, I believe that our current prayer is that IF the girls require surgery that they would be in the 90% that are receptive to the procedure. If the girls eyes remain at stage 2 then he will recheck them the following week.

I love the TCN nurses that I have talked to so far. They ooh and ahh over them and tell me how cute they are - which I eat up like crazy! Reagan is almost 2 lbs. 12 ounces and Cameron is 2 lbs. 5.5 ounces. They are really growing! Friday is the magic day that they will be trying Cameron off of the cannula. I pray that she doesn't have to work too hard and that she will be successful if she is ready. If she is not, then I want for her to have what she needs. Once again we are filled with lots of praises and a few specific prayer requests. Sunday is the official day that I should be allowed back in the NICU as long as I do not run any fever between now and then. If I do, then my timeline starts over for five more days!

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  1. We will definately be praying for the girls eyes! I hate that you have this worry!
    On the bright side---I can't believe you guys are starting to bottle feed!!!! How cool! Their growth is really going to take off now. The pictures are beautiful, please keep them coming :)