Friday, February 20, 2009

Little Bits

Okay, I know that my posts are sparse when we are sick but that is because my updates are just as sparse. Here is what I know for today. Both girls are on the cannula. They have decided that Cameron desats just as much on cpap as she does on cannula and she HATES the cpap now so why not just let her hang on cannula if she can? So, as of this a.m. that is what they were doing. Also, Cameron has been spitting up (or vomiting - is that the same thing? I think so. You can tell Aubrey was not a spit up kind of kid because I have no idea!) since last night. Not continuously but I don't really know the specifics. What I do know is that they are lowering her volume to help, raising her bed at an angle more...basically doing whatever they can for what they think is reflux related without giving her meds. She was previously on zantac but hasn't been on it for a while. They are also giving her some extra potassium because she is using the bathroom so much she is not maintaining that level very well. Reagan should have had a transfusion today if her veins were cooperative but my only report on her was that she was doing fine because her nurse was giving the other baby a bath when I called. So, that is what I know for now. I will update soon. Aubrey is now fever free and not contagious - yippee!

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