Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trading Places

Well, Reagan was supposed to have a blood transfusion today (yes she surprised us all again with low hematocrit levels during routine bloodwork) but her veins would not cooperate! So, they have decided to give her one tomorrow hoping that her veins will be more accessible. Both Mimi and Papa and Grandmama went to visit the girls today which was nice since Seth and I still cannot go because of sickness at the house. The summary of the two visits were this - both girls look well. Reagan was sleeping soundly...dreaming and smiling...dreaming and pouting...nice and quiet. Cameron was trying to crawl in her isolette...pulling her cpap off of her face...launching herself all over her isolette! So, now Cameron has traded places with her sister - making the Carter name proud by being quite the fiesty one - it looks like that blood she got yesterday is really doing her some good! We used to hear that Reagan would do the same thing but not as much since she has moved to the cannula. So, maybe Cameron is starting to show us that she is sick of the cpap as well! We can definitely pray that is the case.

Reagan had a visit with the speech therapist today who worked with her on the pacifier and her ability to handle being taken out of the isolette to be worked with and staying calm. She did great and performed just as they asked her to. I believe that next week she will be seen twice by the speech therapist in hopes that she can get ready to work on orally taking her feeds. They will not allow her to do that until she is 1500 grams - she is a little over 1100 right now.

Cameron had her bloodwork and they found that her triglycerides are still high (they have been all along) but they are hoping that the protein that they have added to her milk will bring that level down. They also checked her billi levels and they were still a little elevated but not enough to draw the conclusion that something is wrong with her liver. They think that it is just taking her body longer to get rid of the TPN. The nurse practitioner said today that the levels were not an alarming amount at this point.

Aubrey has croup and sounds really nasty when she coughs. Evidently croup is contagious if you have a fever so we are still awaiting the point when she will be fever free so we can start the 24 hour wait time before we are allowed back in to see the girls. Bless her heart, she just has been nailed this season. I guess we waited a little too long for her flu shot this year (we are awaiting the second shot of it in about 2 weeks).

So, I guess that's it from the Carter's today. I am so thankful for the love of grandparents and how they can step in for us when we cannot be there ourselves!


  1. Hey Carters! Sorry I haven't been in touch lately, just been busy, but certainly not too busy to pray for ya'll! So glad to hear the good news about how the girls are doing. Sorry to hear that Aubrey has croup, so does Will, we are right there with you. My poor little guy, he's pretty pitiful himself. No one else is sick so far, that's wonderful. I love to hear that Reagan is so close to getting oral feedings, that's so exciting, I am praying that Reagan is able to get her transfusion tomorrow if it is still needed. And how awesome is it that they think there's nothing wrong with Cameron's liver and that she is so strong! And both girls are back to gaining weight! God is good!! Thank you God for your healing hand! I am still amazed by the girls every day that I read your blog. Two someone's so tiny and yet so strong and determined. Sweet babies! I am also praying that NO more sickness will settle in at the Carter household. Take care! Love ya'll!

  2. The Carter is starting to come out of them both hugh? This could be a sign of things to come in the future. I was hoping they would act more like their, sweet perfect mother, and not like their dad. I guess you can't have everything. They are still young yet though, maybe they will work that out of their system before they come home.

  3. Well hello Carters. I was going to tell you Will and Aubrey had something in common but Deedie beat me to it. I am one happy Grandma right now. At least I have one of my 3 angels with me as I have Jessie for a few days. I have been with D. & P and they have been keeping me up on your status. So glad to hear the girls are doing better and Cameron is getting rowdy! They are getting on with the program and working on coming home! Today is a play day with Jessie and we are about to get started serious playtime but just wanted you to know you are still in my thoughts and prayers. Hope Aubrey is feeling better soon and fever free but glad grandparents were able to check in on the girls. Know they loved it but know you can't wait to see them in action as soon as possible. Thinking and praying for all of the Carters...