Saturday, January 3, 2009

Banned from the NICU (sort of)

Well, the Carter's are all battling some sickness - nothing that would normally put us out of commission - but enough to know that we shouldn't be near the twins. So, when we called the NICU they said it is better to be on the safe side and to not come until we are 48 hours symptom free. Of course, for someone who is addicted to seeing her little girls this is very hard but the nurses have been so nice about not being upset with us calling a couple of times a shift to check on them. Last night I kept missing Cameron's nurse because she was with the other baby that she also watches in the same room as Cameron and then because she was on her break - she was so nice and she called me last night just to give me an update because she felt bad that I had missed her. I told her over and over again how much I appreciated her thoughtfulness.

Interestingly enough, last night when I heard Reagan's update and then Cameron's - it was the exact same (except that Cameron still has the PDA and Reagan is eating milk now). Both of them were given Lasix yesterday to help get rid of excess fluid and both were breathing on the same settings on the vent. The nurse for Cameron said that this is very common for identical twins - even though they are not with each other in the same room for one twin to do something and then the other one to do the same even hours later. And today when we spoke to the nurses today, same thing - both girls were on additional doses of the lasix.

For Christmas Aubrey got twin baby dolls and she loves to carry them around. We practice calling them Reagan and Cameron. Today she had fun wearing her "I'm the Big Sister" shirt and she would carry the babies around, kiss them on the top of the head, and practice putting them to sleep. Here she is with her babies in one of their cribs!

As I writing this (almost 9 pm) we still have not heard about Cameron's echo yet but will let you know when we hear!


  1. What a little helper Aubrey is going to be when the girls come home! It's so amazing to see a child, not even 18 mos old "rising to the challenge" of being a big sister to Reagan and Cameron. God planned your family so well, ... like He would ever do otherwise! :-)