Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gaining Weight

Well, Reagan finally gained weight and is back over her birth weight - 804 grams! Still no blood transfusion for yesterday. They took blood at 4 am to check again. The stretching out of her feeding seems to be helping the reflux. Her nurse said that they try at all costs with ones as little as ours to not give them medication if possible - so that made me feel good. Also, her nurse said that when she turns on the digital voice recorder that Seth left for Reagan with songs and him talking that Reagan's eyes popped wide open and started looking all around - which of course made Daddy feel great!

Cameron's nurse said that they named the staph that she has and that it is not a drug resistant strain - which is good but of course having no bacteria in her body would be better. Anyway, they will continue on antibiotics until they get 3 negative blood cultures and they were to take the first of those last night or early today - I pray that this one comes back negative. They said that once again the x-ray is looking some better and that her belly is looking a little smaller. Respiratory wise, she is still doing okay on the cpap. All that being said, her nurse did say that Cameron acted a little wimpy when she went to assess her (her nurse is a primary nurse for Cameron so she knows her well) and she said that they would watch her - this is the first sign that Cameron does not feel well - which of course broke Mom's heart. Her nurse said that she would call if anything changed and we have not heard all night so I am praying that Cameron regained her spunk and that things are continuing to get better. I don't think we will call the first blood culture negative until after 48 hours and then take another one. We will keep you all posted.


  1. That is so sweet about Reagan looking around for her Daddy's voice. We will pray for continual weight gain. Praying for Cameron to be a little fighter!! I am so thankful that you have such wonderful nurses that know your babies so well. God has placed them in a position to make a significant difference in the lives of the babies and their parents. I am thankful they are there for you.

  2. That is wonderful that Reagan is able to recognize and respond to Seth's amazing is that and I know it must fill your heart with joy!! I pray that God continues to give Cameron the strength to fight off the infection and I'm thankful that it is looking better. I also agree that it is a blessing that God has placed such wonderful doctors and nurses there to support you and care for your little miracles!