Friday, January 16, 2009

Our Best Day Yet

Well, Seth and I are going to the NICU tonight but so far from the nurses reports, this is our girls' most stable day yet! They are both doing well. Cameron has made leaps and bounds since yesterday. She is now off of her blood pressure medicine again. Her vent settings are down to room air and needing no additional oxygen. They are in the process of lowering her medicines and they are hoping to maybe try to extubate her this weekend!!!! That is huge for Cameron. So far with the PDA any time they tried to wean her on the vent settings she would not tolerate it. Her nurse says that her lungs sound great, too, and after 24 hours off the blood pressure meds they may try to start her back on milk. By the way, let me take a moment to say how wonderfully God has provided for Cameron - her nurse told me that even though she has been off since early last week she has been calling to check on her - how wonderful is that to know that she has people there at the hospital that love her enough to do that. Once again - He provides more than we ever imagined!

Reagan is continuing to do well on the cpap. The last time she was on the cpap she started having bradys and desats after a couple of hours. To my knowledge, she has only had one brady since going on the cpap on Monday! She is only having desats, which some of the nurses say may be due to reflux. I thought that yesterday they were going to give her a double dose of the HMF but they waited until today. They are hoping that this will help for her to begin to pack on a little more weight. I hope so too. They say that the battle to gain weight can be a bit of an uphill battle for preemies. So, I hope that all this milk she is drinking will begin to take effect soon!

I find myself in new territory today. I told Reagan's nurse the other day that I don't know how to handle consistently hearing "She's doing great!" And today I got to hear that about both of my girls. Even though I don't know how to react, I do know to rejoice in today's news and praise God for what we have today - we are so blessed!


  1. Man, that is awesome! I'm sure you two are so proud of how well they are doing. I guess after a day like today, you are both glowing! I pray that you will have to find out how to handle consistently hearing that they are both doing great! They are doing such a great job fighting this huge fight! I am certainly pulling for them and am one of their biggest fans!! Keep it up girls!! I am praying so hard for them and the rest of your family! If there is anything we can do, don't forget about us and give us a call!! Love you all!

  2. How exciting! I know it feels great to hear good news. We had issues with the weight gaining to the point that they even tested the calories in my breastmilk! I was kind of nervous, but the results showed that my milk was actually higher calorie than most. Hang in there. They will gain weight soon enough.

  3. Yea! We're excited to hear about your awesome day and praise report. We hope you have a wonderful evening with your girls. Love ya!

  4. We are thanking God for the positive reports on both of the babies. Thanks for the continual updates.

  5. YOOHOOOOOO!!!! Thank you, Jesus, for a good day!!!!! To God be ALLL the Glory!!!!! Thank you so much for letting us share all this with yall. Will keep praying!!!