Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day

Well, since we are snowed in today - we aren't exactly heading to the hospital. But it is a great way for us to spend time together as a family. Aubrey loved the snow and she cried like crazy when we had to bring her in. But after face planting in the snow several times she was soaked and shivering. Here she is enjoying the snow..these were taken as soon as we walked outside and before I got to her with her hat to keep her head and ears warm.
As far as an update on the girls this is what we know today:
Reagan - gained a whole 3 grams last night which is not much but we will take it. Her heart rate is high today so they are running some bloodwork - she may need another blood transfusion but they are hoping to not have to give her one and that her body will do the work on its own. They have decided that she probably has reflux and in order to help her with desating while she eats they are extending her feed time to 3 hours on and one hour off. Her nurse last night said that this is usually one of the last ditch efforts before they start trying to see if medication will work. So far, she has had one feeding and it did seem to help.
Cameron - Her morning x-ray came back better but still concerning. The bacteria that grew on her culture resembles staph but they don't know what strain yet - they are waiting for it to show itself. In the meantime, she is on antibiotics that are for staph and they are pretty potent. We still don't know about NEC and she has been using the bathroom on her own which has helped her x-rays look better. So, basically we are kind of still in the same spot we were yesterday...waiting and praying. She is still doing well respiratory wise and on exam her belly is still looking good.
The girls may have their one month head ultrasounds on Friday and then they also have their eyes being checked on Feb. 2nd to help to prevent retinopothy (not sure if I spelled that right).


  1. That is one precious snow baby!!

  2. I am so happy for ya'll that you got snow, snow makes things happier! :) I am jealous we got just a dusting, that's all. Aubrey looks soooo cute! How fun! I am praying for you and your girls today! Praying specifically for no need of a blood transfusion for Reagan and that Cameron's infection is not NEC. Take care! Love you all!

  3. Sorry Leslie, but Aubrey looks like a little Seth with pigtails! Sooooo cute! Still praying!

  4. She is adorable!! I would have loved to heard her precious comments about the snow! Glad you had some fun family time!! A beautiful snow is such an uplifting and refreshing blessing! It makes even the oldest of us feel like children again.