Monday, January 12, 2009

Surgery Scheduled...Sort of

Well, as of this afternoon, one of the doctors called us and said that Cameron will be having the surgery tomorrow. We are not sure what time but we were told that they tend to usually happen in the afternoon. We were given 3:00 as an estimate. We may know more tonight or tomorrow morning early - we are not sure.

Reagan stopped having her bradys and desats about halfway through her blood transfusion so they had decided to extubate (thanks Jenny Mac for the correct spelling :) ) and try her on the cpap machine. Her nurse said she would call me if things did not work out and I have not yet heard from her. So, if everything is going well she should be getting fed again sometime around 8 tonight. We will see how she is doing later tonight.

We just found out that Cameron is having surgery tommorow (Tues.) at 7am to close her PDA. Reagan is doing well on the CPAP.


  1. Praying hard for you tonight and tomorrow...we will be checking often for updates on Cameron. We are thankful for Reagan doing so well. We pray that Jesus holds each of you close and that you are surrounded by His peace. Try to rest and know that you are loved so much.
    ~Brian & Kelly

  2. Glad to hear Reagan is doing well. Cameron and all of you will be in our prayers beginning at 5 and we will be praying fervently throughout the surgery.

  3. We too will be praying in the morning! I pray now that you both are able to have a good night's sleep, at least as good as you can. I can't imagine what it must feel like to have your tiny baby operated on no matter how common of a surgery they say this is. I find it mind boggling that they can operate on a baby that doesn't even weigh 2 lbs., how tiny they must be. I wish we could be there for you, but know that we are praying now for Cameron and will be praying tomorrow morning as well and through out the day. I pray that she will be strong and heal fast and that this corrects all of the problems she has been experiencing. If you need anything at all, don't hesitate to call us. I pray that God will give you both peace in your heart about Cameron's surgery. I pray for the surgeons and nurses and all that take part in the surgery tomorrow that they will have a clear mind. Take care you two, I am praying hard for all of you! God has us all in His hands, I thank Him for that and how much He loves us!

  4. Our kids begged us to "do the prayer jar" tonight ... it's this little ceramic jar we have that we put ongoing prayer requests in, then take them out/date them when the Lord answers. The reason Noah & Joy wanted to make sure we did the jar tonight was to pray for Cameron & Reagan. We are praying specifically for Cameron's surgery tomorrow, but also for three important things to happen so they can come home SOON: breathe well on their own, tolerate milk well, and gain weight! They are convinced C & R will be as adorable and charming as Aubrey and can't wait to get to know them! I am completely amazed at how the Lord is using this experience in YOUR lives to teach my children so much about their Heavenly Father!

    Praying fervently for all of you!

  5. Will be praying Big Time for yall tomorrow. Hang in there! Find Peace!!!!