Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Trivial No More

Well, last night and today were very eventful times for our girls....not in the unbelievably good news way either. The short version of what is going on is this:

Reagan - Had to be intebated again today...she was having a very tough time remembering to breathe. They had increased the amount of food she was getting but now her belly is looking a little bloated and had some food leftover in her belly after mealtime was they are stopping her food to see if it will resolve itself. If not, then they will investigate further.

Cameron - Turns out her pda is no longer trivial. She is very symptomatic due to her pda. She is retaining fluid, her blood pressure is way too low, and so they are putting her back on the medicine to help close the pda and increasing her amount of fluid meds and blood pressure meds. After Friday, they will do another echo this weekend and if Cameron is still as symptomatic as she is right now and her pda is even the slightest bit open - she will be having surgery to close it.

Sorry to be so short on the updates but I am hoping to return to the NICU tonight and hopefully find the girls doing some better and some of the issues they are having being handled. Today is definitely one of the tough days. Obviously, due to the stress they have already been through today there will be no kangaroo care today (and probably for the next couple of days).


  1. I hate that it is a tough day for your girls. Keep your head up. Remember.. "Let go Let God."

    You are doing a great job running back and forth between the two girls and sharing your time with Aubry. I am praying for your strength along with Cameron and Reagan's.

    By the way...Congrats on the Kangaroo hold!!! I am so excited for you! I had no idea you would get to do that this early!

  2. Hey you two! I am praying for all of you right now! Good luck tonight, I'll be thinking of you and praying that everything is going better and that you have a sweet time with them tonight! Love you all!

  3. I am thankful for the time that you had with the Kangaroo hold/hug and pray that you and your girls will be experiencing those special moments again very soon. We love you and think of you often throughout our day. Every time a thought of you comes to mind, we immediately whisper a prayer for you and your precious family.

  4. I remember our days in the NICU and it always seemed like one step forward and two steps back. A roller coaster ride it was.

    We are keeping you guys in our prayers.