Monday, January 12, 2009

Still no Word

Still no word on Cameron's surgery. It looks as if it may be tomorrow. Her nurse says she will keep us posted and that the doctors are going to bat for her continuously trying to get the cardiologists to clear their we will see. She is doing well considering all that is going on while she waits.

Reagan had an unexpected morning and was having desats and bradycardias so they checked her blood levels and saw that her hermatocrit (not sure how to spell it) was low so she is getting a blood transfusion. They had to take her off of food and back on IV fluids before, during, and after the transfusion and they put a hold on extabating her for now. Her nurse said that if she does really well with the blood then they may try later ot extabate but it all depends on how she is doing. After the transfusion is over for four hours then they will slowly start her back on food. Maybe she knew that stuff was going on with her sister - who knows...they say that twins are connected like that.

We will continue to give you updates as we get them. Thanks again for your prayers!


  1. Thanks for taking time to update all of us. We are praying. Can't tell you enough how amazed we are by you and Seth. God blessed 3 three little girls with wonderful parents.

  2. Today is their three week birthday! Happy 3 weeks Reagan and Cameron!! I will continue to pray for them, and all of you. I will pray that the cardiologist will be able to clear his/her schedule and take care of Cameron. And I will pray for Reagan that the blood transfusion will help her get her levels back where they are suppose to be. I pray that both of the girls, you two, and Aubrey have a great rest of the day!

  3. We know your plates are full. Thank you so much for taking the time to update us on the precious babies! I know that I can stay connected to your family and know specific requests without having to add to your plate by calling and you having to repeat your story for the gazillionth time. God bless you and DO NOT hesitate to call if you need anything! We love you guys!!

  4. We are praying for each of you throughout the day, each day and trusting in the fact that Cameron and Reagan are being held in the palm of His Hand at all times!
    love you!