Friday, January 23, 2009


The NICU doctor just called to update us on the girls. It appears that Cameron does have NEC - they are calling it medical NEC and they are treating it as NEC. Cameron's belly x-ray is showing what appears to be neumatosis ( I guess that is how you spell it ) in a corner of her bowel. So, they will continue to not feed her for probably 10 days and have increased her antibiotics drastically. I have to say that this is one of the hardest days for me as a mom because NEC is the one nasty stomach infection that the neonatologist warned me about before I had the girls. The doctor says that he is encouraged by how well Cameron is doing clinically and hopes that she will respond well to the antibiotics. Obviously I would not be so upset about this if it were not so serious. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. Pray that if it is indeed neumatosis that it will not progress and that the antibiotics would work swiftly so that she can get better. The doctor was very right and said that we should take this one day at a time and not jump to what could happen - My head knows that but my heart is breaking for my little one. On top of all of that, she continues to grow positive blood cultures for the staph - which is completely unrelated. They have also increased her antibiotics for this and are running blood cultures again as well.

On the other hand I am so thankful for Reagan's report. She does not have neumatosis and her belly x-ray seems to be looking better. Her blood cultures are running negative.


  1. Lord we lift up both of these precious girls and their family to you right now. Please be with Cameron and give her the strength to fight off whatever infection is in her tiny little body. Help her to continue to be the strong little trooper that she has proven to be all along. We know that she is in your hands and that you created her and your heart breaks for her just as ours does. We also know that you can move mountains and that you are a Lord of mercy and miracles. Help us to trust you in this situation and know that you can provide the comfort that this family needs right now.

    Lord we are also thankful for all the blessings you have bestowed upon this family. We are thankful that Reagan's x-ray has come back looking better and that her blood cultures are negative and that she is getting stronger dear Lord. Just comfort this family during this time and help them to feel the love and support from you, their family and friends during this emotionally exhausting time.

    Leslie, Seth, & Family...please know that my husband and I pray for your family daily and that you are in our thoughts always. We are thankful that you know the same Lord that we know and are grateful that you have Him to lean on during this time.

  2. Leslie and Seth,
    Things can sometimes look bad, and you can be really scared, but just Be still!!! and KNOW!!!
    God still does miracles! I'm confident He does them all the time, but I saw Him do one specifically last summer. Mama was very sick and a doctor told us to just take her off of dialysis and let her go. Well, we didn't! And she's still with us to day. Her body is frail, but her mind is sharp as a tack and we are all able to enjoy each other! Praise be to our God!!! Keep believing and trusting! And I'm gonna keep praying!!!