Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Big Day

Well we are here at the NICU and Seth is in with the girls. I am not going in because (probably due to nerves) my stomach has really been hurting the last few days and so I don't want to introduce any unnecessary germs...especially on such a day as this! All the necessary consents have been signed and we are awaiting for the surgical team to arrive around 9:00.

Here are the girls three week old pictures.

The first few are of Cameron with her Daddy getting ready for surgery.

Here is Reagan on her CPAP machine! She has continued to do well since getting her blood transfusion.

Surgery is now over and the cardiologist says that it went well. He said that it will take a couple of days for her to recover from the stress of the surgery but that one positive thing to note is that her lungs look better than a lot of babies that typically have the surgery at this point. We have also been told that it will probably be late late tonight or early tomorrow before she even really wakes up (depends on how she responds to the anesthesia). We praise God for the good report and hope that she continues to do well as she recovers!


  1. I am praying right now! And will continue all day for you all! Leslie, hang in there girl!

  2. Hey Leslie!
    I woke up at 3 am with a headache and while I was awake and waiting for the advil to kick in, I checked the website for an update and said a prayer for all of you. Then this morning on the way to work, Byron and I were both thinking and praying for all of you.

    It is so good to see the photos. And what beautiful girls they are! I can't get over how much hair they have.

    You will be in our thoughts and prayers all day today.

  3. Praise God! I am so glad that surgery is OVER!!! I hope you guys can relax a little and a few peaceful days. Love the pictures...Thank you for sharing. Reagan and Cameron are the stongest little girls I know!!!

  4. That is awesome, I am so glad that everything went good. I will continue to pray for Cameron's healing and Reagan's continued success on the cpap. Your girls are so tiny and so cute. I thank God for doctors and the things they can do!! Take care and I hope you both are able to get some rest.

  5. Glad it is over and that it went well. Now it's time for rest!!! Pictures look great. They look healthier!!! When you get a chance, give us a weight update. I love to hear the weight cause it lets me know they're getting bigger!!! I had a special request to possibly come down when they were exactly 1 month old to take a 1 month pic similar to Wyatt's 1 month. BUT you'll have to let me know how they are doing and if you are back to doing Kangaroo care & holding them. I'd love to come some time when you could get them out and take some pics for ya'll. You know me and a camera!!!! Take care and talk to you soon.

  6. Am so excited to hear the news that the surgery went well and good lungs report. They are just beautiful and love Cameron holding her daddy's (I am assuming) finger. I love their hair. They are so sweet. They have so many admirers. Hope your stomach settles down now and you can get back to them soon. Prayers are continuing. DS

  7. Praise God! We will continue to pray for her recovery. Loved the pictures!!

  8. They are so cute! These pictures make me just want to hold them! We're so glad the surgery is behind you! Thank you Jesus!