Monday, January 26, 2009

On the Mend

Well, today Aubrey stayed at home with Mommy and Daddy to mend (and spent the morning with the Johnsons). So, far no more sickness since late last night. Unfortunately, it looks like Seth may be battling the gunk now. I, however, am chomping at the bit to get up to the NICU so I am praying that if I can get enough sleep maybe I can avoid it!

We called to check on the girls and Reagan is still being fed and really enjoys being on the nasal cannula. Cameron is also on the cannula today due to irritation on her forehead from the cpap. AND they have decided to try and feed Cameron tonight - just a tad to see how she is doing! Her blood cultures are still running negative but she will remain on the antibiotics for the staph for probably about another week. Her belly x-rays are still not what they would call "normal" but they are still improving daily and if her day continued to go well then they were going to try and feed her.

Praise the Lord! I would love so much for both of my girls to be working on feeding and growing for a while instead of fighting infection! Reagan is scheduled for her head ultrasound tomorrow - please pray that we are still clear for brain bleeds.

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  1. My computer has been broke for ~ a week and BOY HAVE I MISSED THE CARTER BLOG!!! I hate you guys are battling a stomach bug! When I read it the first thing I pictured was the day you have all 3 of your girls at home and you battle one of these bugs :) Can you imagine 3 little ones with a stomach bug at once! I guess you'll just throw them all in the bath tub (Ha Ha). I'm not trying to be mean---but you have to laugh!!!

    I loved the pictues of Seth with the girls! How sweet. Reagan and Cameron are so precious. I know it soothes them to have their Mommy and Daddy so close. We are in continuous prayer for you guys.