Thursday, January 1, 2009

Big Day Tomorrow

Today we made an early trip to see the girls. Seth didn't get a chance to see them, so I wanted for him to have as much time as possible - so I got a quick update and stayed with Aubrey in the waiting room. (Side note: When we went into the waiting room Aubrey said - "Cameron?" We can tell that she is really listening to what we say!) Both girls were doing well and so we asked them to continue to do that. I made another quick phone call to the nurses around dinner. Here was our last update.

Reagan - Doing well...nurse says she can still hear the PDA but it is not as loud as it was this weekend. She is done with the medicine for the PDA and is scheduled for an echo tomorrow to see. The nurse said that the doctors were talking today about considering maybe giving her a third dose of medication instead of the surgery but will see what the echo says before making a decision as to which would be best. They decided to start feeding Reagan milk tonight. She was getting ready to start on her first taste of real life baby food...not just food from an IV. They start with a small amount to see if their tummies can tolerate it. Please pray that the echo goes well and that the doctors would have wisdom with their decisions. Also pray that Reagan would do well with the food.

Cameron - Yesterday Cameron's lungs were sounding a little wet. The doctors restricted her some of her fluids. Today her ultrasound or x-ray that they did (not sure which) looked much better than yesterday and her lungs sounded much better. She is continuing on the medicine for her PDA and is scheduled for another ultrasound of her lungs and digestive system and an echo tomorrow. Please pray that the lungs and digestive system scans would come out clear. Also, please continue to pray that Cameron would be receptive to the medication for her PDA.

Obviously our girls have a busy day tomorrow. Many of their tests will actually take place as early as 4 in the morning. Many of you I know will not have read this by then but thank you for keeping our family in your prayers. One praise that we have for today is that we were able to spend a lot of quality time as a family (or at least the part of it that is home). Aubrey has truly been a joy since coming home and God has continued to use her as an encouragement to me. One day at lunch this past week I started to cry a little and she looked at me and said "Stop." Out of the mouths of babes I suppose. What a blessing to have her in our family.


  1. I would not go to bed until I had read your update. We will pray for the tests, PDAs and Reagan's first food. I am thankful that you, Seth, and Aubrey had some good family time today. Do you need any help with Aubrey on Sat. or Sun.? Mark and I would be glad to play with her in the waiting room and let you and Seth have more time with the staff and babies. Or we could keep her at our house or yours, if you prefer.

  2. Happy New Year, Carters! I was so thankful to sit down tonight and get caught up on your updates. We will be be praying specifically for the girls tonight and tomorrow as they undergo these tests, and that the Lord will continue to give your team of doctors and nurses the wisdom and care for your precious Cameron and Reagan that only He can provide. I loved your comment about Aubrey saying Cameron's name...She is getting ready to meet her baby sisters! We love you, Seth and Leslie...You are amazing parents of three beautiful daugthers.

  3. Hey! Hope you have had a wonderful New Year's Day. I find myself obsessing and looking forward to reading your update. I love to know how to pray for you all. And I am up late at night trying to get Jessie ready for bed and babies their last feeding before I go to bed, so I usually am able to read it before I go to sleep. I will start praying now for their tests that will be run early in the morning. When I get up next, probably around 3 or 4 in the morning, I will say another prayer for them. I think of you and pray for you very often during the day! Happy New Year's Carter family of 5, isn't that fun!

  4. I'm up and praying! My prayer is for great strength and peace for all of you. Little bodies that heal and grow stronger and grown up hearts that must trust and walk in faith. I am praying specifically as you requested, this blog is wonderful to direct our prayers specifically. That Aubrey is precious! Ya'll are precious.