Friday, January 9, 2009

The Waiting Game

Today Seth's Mom and I went to visit the girls at the NICU. Both girls were doing well. Reagan has had her food increased again, the doctors were able to put in her PICC line again (the IV she pulled out yesterday) and she was able to have her rate turned down on her ventilator. The doctors are ready to put her back on cpap again but want to give her the weekend and then they will try her sometime next week on the cpap. They don't want to continually try her before she is ready but she is on lower settings that many babies that they take off of the ventilator to go on cpap.

Cameron continued on her medicine for blood pressure and her heart rate was much better. She got her last dose of the neoprofin and should have her echo either Saturday or Monday. After her echo has been read then we will know what the diagnosis is for her pda - surgery or not. She cannot recieve milk until the pda issue is resolved. Last night at the NICU, Seth and I were shown what the pda actually looked like on a heart by one of the nurses. I must say that I am still very uneasy about the idea of my daughter having surgery - I know that God has had both of my girls in His hands since they were conceived and I pray that He will continue to keep both of them safe throughout this journey - including possible surgery.

Both girls today looked so peaceful and sweet all snuggled up in their beds. We would talk with them and they would peer at us and then close their eyes to quickly go back to sleep. The nurses were very good about encouraging us to talk to the girls and to touch them to let them know that we were there. Last night one of the nurses even told Seth that we should record our voices and the nurses could play it for the girls when we are not there - he was very very excited about the idea of being able to read them stories, pray for them aloud, talk to them and even sing them songs on a recorder. Both girls are known for being fiesty and wiggly - if they not tucked into their "snugglies" that hold them like they might have been in utero then their arms and legs have been known to get them into trouble a bit - which is partly to blame for some of the drama that we have had the last few days! They have had our hearts since we knew that they were in existence but they are also capturing the hearts of their nurses as well. I praise God for my little miracles and am so thankful for them.


  1. Thinking of you all and praying, and wishing you the best! Hugs, Annie

  2. Hey! It was great to see pictures of them...I have been busy and didn't get to look at the pictures of them yesterday, however, your family was certainly prayed for yesterday and today. They look so tiny and sweet and really do look peaceful! I will be praying for good results from the medicine for Cameron's pda, and Reagan's weight gain and continued good lung function, and both of them to grow in weight, strength, and willed (Seth needs four strong willed women, just think of how awesome of a man that will make him!) :) And I like you, know that it is all in God's hands and He will take care of your precious little tiny angels no matter surgery or not! Hang in there you two! Love you all and think and pray for you often!

  3. When our daughter was in the nicu we recorded ourselves, as well as had calming classical music. The nurses said they always could tell a positive change in sats and such when the recorder was playing.

    We are keeping your girls in our prayers.