Sunday, January 11, 2009

Surgery Tomorrow

Well, the echo finally came back and according to Cameron's nurse this morning, the nurse practitioner is trying to get Cameron on the schedule tomorrow for her surgery on her pda. Hearing this brought feelings of almost any kind to my heart. I know that the surgery takes very little time and that it takes longer to set up than to actually do the procedure. I know that they will either go through the ribs or along the scapula (I think that is what they called it) in her back to get to the duct that is known as the pda and they will put a little clamp or clip on it - it may be metal or plastic and then that is it. ..I think. I also know that this procedure happens quite a bit in the NICU - but that was on other babies not mine! Seth said that what comforts him some about the procedure is that this was not a rushed or hasty decision - they have given this pda time to close on its own. After we are past the surgery, what comforts me is that we will not have to worry about it opening back up - whereas as we have seen already with medication, sometimes the pda will still open back up. I am supposed to talk with the nurse again in a couple of hours and hopefully get more detail about when the surgery will take place - we may not know until tomorrow morning, though. Also, tomorrow is a big day for Reagan as well as they will try her on the cpap machine again. So, as you go through your day tomorrow if you wouldn't mind continually lifting up our girls, the doctors, the nurses and our family in your prayers - we would appreciate it.

Thanks so much for all your love and prayers. We wouldn't ask for it so fervently if we did not believe that it works!

Update: Spoke to the NICU earlier and they said that they are hoping that Cameron will have surgery either tomorrow or Tuesday. We will not know until tomorrow and they can talk with the cardiologists about trying to fit Cameron in.


  1. Lord, We pray right now for Leslie, Seth, and their girls. We pray that you will calm the anxieties that they are feeling over this surgery. Hold them close and let them feel your presence. Be with the surgeon, nurses, and especially little Cameron as she undergoes this surgery. We pray for her complete and total healing - as you are the great physician. Amen.

    Our little one had a surgery of his own a few months ago so this, especially, is close to our hearts. We can honestly say that we know what you are feeling and pray that you find great comfort today and tomorrow.

    Sean & Christal Giese

  2. I am certainly praying for Cameron, the doctors and nurses, and you all. And of course Reagan as well. God is an awesome God and He will see you all through all of this. I thank Him for that. Good luck, if you need anything at all, please don't hesitate to call us. One of us could come up there last minute if needed, we are all well, no sickness, so if three is anything at all that we can do for you, please call us! I'll be praying all day tomorrow. Take care!

  3. We are praying for you and both girls. Fred and I love you, we hurt with you and praise with you too. God has big plans for your tiny girls! As always let us know anything you need.

  4. I'm sorry little Cameron has to have surgery. I wish we could fast-forward a few months to when they are home, healthy and keeping you up all night :)
    I loved reading about you and Seth recording your voices for the girls. Kim tape recorded Amanda and Andrew reading children's books and we played that for our boys in the NICU. It's such a great idea! We also decorated their isolets with family pictures.
    You are always in our prayers but we will definately lift you up tomorrow. Be strong-God knew what He was doing when He chose you to be Reagan and Cameron's parents.

  5. Hey Leslie!
    Of course we will pray tomorrow (and today, too). It was soo good to see you guys today and catch up a little at lunch.

    A friend once said to me that God never wastes a hurt. He uses it to make us stronger and for His glory. He has already shown His glory in the miracles already performed. And it is exciting to see the miracles yet to come! Until then we continue to life you, your family, the doctors and staff in prayer.


  6. Something you already know...we have a great, big God that cares about every, single small thing and detail about us. You all are much loved. I'll be praying for Cameron and Reagan and for all of you. Every hand, heart and mind that will touching them and focusing on there care.

    Cast all your fears on Him, for he cares for you.