Thursday, January 22, 2009

Roommates Again

Well, the girls got to visit with their Daddy today on their one month birthday. He said that they were both sleeping soundly so he hummed a song to them and then let them sleep.

Later, on this day they also got a present of being together again. When we called to check on them, Rachel, (Cameron's primary) was with the both of them. It sounded as if the girls were definitely keeping her on their, I don't know if they will stay that way (in fact I kind of doubt it since they are both acting sick right now).

Cameron has lost some weight, her belly x-ray remains the same, her stomach girth is back to normal. Her blood cultures are preventatively running negative, but she will remain on the antibiotics for the full course. Cameron did have her head ultrasound today and Hallelujah it came back negative for brain bleeds! Yeah Cameron! Because of the head ultrasound she had a head full of jelly she was able to get her first bath and Rachel was nice enough to take a picture. Also, Cameron was moved to the nasal cannula today because her head was getting so red from the cpap. So, now they will alternate back and forth so that her skin does not get irritated. Rachel said that she loves the cannula and I wish so much I could have been there tonight to get a picture of it! She is acting so grown! I love the cannula too because it means that we can see her face better without the mask.

Reagan's belly has returned to its normal size as well but we are not sure how the belly x-rays are looking. They decided to start her on antibiotics and to run blood cultures because she has been cold a lot today and that can sometimes mean that they are fighting infection as well. She too has been off of food since her belly stuff started. Reagan has also had frequent desats today and we were told that she had not been acting like herself as well. Reagan did not have a head ultrasound today but will probably have one on Tuesday of next week.

We are so thankful for the good news that we have received today and continue to pray that the girls would begin to feel better with each and every day.


  1. Love hearing they are back together and know Seth was a proud Daddy when he heard about the reaction to his voice. These precious little girls have such an extended big family praying for them. Know you would have loved to have seen that bath!!!Can't wait for the next good news. My prayers continue for all of you. DS

  2. It's so interesting that when one of the girls starts having a little difficulty, the other responds in a similar manner. That whole twin intuition thing is just amazing! You guys are going to have so much fun raising these twins ... continuing to pray for ALL of you!