Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tummy Trouble Times Two

Well, we called to check on the girls tonight to find...that now both girls are having tummy issues. Today Reagan's tummy puffed up and began to look distended. So, they have stopped her feeds and have her on the TPN IV fluids that will give her her nutrients and are watching her belly. They did an x-ray and the nurse said that she had some air in her belly. They will do another one at 5 a.m.

Cameron also is still having belly issues but her x-rays seem to not be changing right now (not better or worse). We still have not heard about the blood cultures...I don't think that we will until tomorrow night.

Both girls are scheduled for head ultrasounds tomorrow.

It seems as if we are on an upward incline of the roller coaster right now and there is a lot of things that we are praying about. I pray that Reagan's belly will go down quickly. The nurses had mentioned that sometimes baby's bellies don't react well to the additives that they add to the milk. That being said, the nurse tonight said that there is no way to tell if it is the additives or something else. So, they are watching her closely. Reagan's belly has been a rock so far and so I am praying that it is just an additive issue not an infection issue. Bless her heart, she has been working so hard to gain weight and after the first significant gain, they have had to take her off of food.

I am also praying for Cameron's blood cultures and that they would begin to grow negative and that this infection in her body would begin to be killed off. I asked the nurse today if her belly issues were related to the staph or a completely different issue and she said that there isn't really any way to tell. I pray that the issues for both of my girls would be gone soon for my girls so they can focus on growing and getting bigger and stronger.

I also pray that the girls head ultrasounds would come back negative for brain bleeds (especially the big ones). Their first ones were negative but so much has happened with our little ones since the end of that first week. I know that God has not been watching over them any less in these last three weeks than He was the first week of their lives - just think of all the daily miracles that He has given us.


  1. I pray that God would continue to hold these precious little ones in His hands and heal their little bodies! Hang in there! YooHoo

  2. I am continuing to pray for your girls! Last night as I sat there tired and feeding Ruby (Will slept all night!!!,)all I could think about was your girls and said a prayer for them. I honestly can't stop thinking about ya'll, so when I think about you I pray for you. God has done some amazing work with your girls thus far and He WILL continue, I have no doubt. Take care and thank you for the updates! :)