Friday, January 23, 2009

Day by Day...No Hour by Hour

Well, we went to visit the girls tonight and I was expecting to go and pretty much cry the whole time (as I had done since the doctor called from the NICU earlier in the afternoon). But God gave me strength and the joy of seeing my girls overcame me. I love them so much and I love seeing them and seeing how much they grow and change. And even though they are not weight wise much bigger they did seem bigger today to me. In fact, Cameron didn't even look like my daughter. They had taped one of her tubes to her chin and it squished her cheeks together and she was covered with the cpap and I even joked with her nurse that I wasn't sure if she was my kid - that is how different she looked. But, then the respiratory therapist came and took her off the cpap and placed her on the nasal cannula and I got to see her face and staring right back at me was a miniature version of Seth Carter - just with chubbier cheeks! When the therapist took her off of the cpap she even was breathing room air on her own for a minute long enough for Mommy and Papa to take a picture of her beautiful face (to be posted is a little late and I am exhausted!)

Seth got to spend some good time with Reagan touching and talking with her. She was wide eyed and busy tonight. She had already pulled her cpap off of her face several times within one hour - she is going to keep the girls' nurse busy. My mom (Mimi) got to touch Reagan and soothe her for the first time - it was a beautiful moment. One I hope will be repeated often - my girls getting to bond with their grandparents and parents.

As I was visiting with Cameron and her nurse, the doctor came in to speak with me about Cameron. I assumed that he was just going to reiterate what I had been told already - not so. He said that he needed to give me the update on her most recent x-ray - it was looking better. He said that the gas in her belly was moving - which is good they want to see that and that both he and the fellow (or the attending ) for the radiologist looked and did not see pneumatosis - but that the actual radiology report back would not be until in the morning.

So, that being said here is what we know about Cameron - still being treated for NEC (medical NEC) and on lots of antibiotics, had blood cultures taken today to check for staph, doing well clinically (respiratory wise, blood pressure, etc.), as of right now the plan is for her to not be fed for ten days (as is typical with NEC). One thing I do know is that the pneumatosis can show up quickly, one night ago there was no pneumatosis and then this morning it showed up. So, I pray that all the rest of her x-rays can continue to come back better and she can finally shake this thing and that the staph is out of her system so she is not having to fight two bugs at once.

Reagan - blood cultures still running negative, belly x-rays still looking abnormal but looking better, will not be fed until doctors are comfortable with her x-rays an they have returned back to normal. As of right now, Reagan is keeping the nurse the busiest because she keeps wiggling around so much she moves her cpap. Reagan is still only on cpap and has not been moved to the nasal cannula (or even alternating like her sister). I pray that her belly will heal up quickly and they can start her back on her milk soon.

The girls' nurse said that she really wanted for us to come and kangaroo with Reagan (both of us!) and that once Cameron is not testing positive in her blood cultures they might be able to let us do that with Cameron, too. Right now it is hard to think about kangarooing because we have to scrub up all over again when we switch from baby to baby and even get new gowns but I do think that it could be just what all of us need!

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