Monday, January 19, 2009

Blood Cultures

Well, we went in today to see our girls and we found out that Cameron's blood cultures grew some bacteria - which means that she does in fact have an infection in her belly. The doctor said that her KUB (her belly x-ray) did not look good either. On the outside, it does not appear that anything is going on - she is doing well respiratory wise, her belly examines well, etc. but on the inside - well that is another story. He also said that her x-ray did appear to look a bit worse than yesterday. They have changed her antibiotics to match the strand of bacteria that was in her blood cultures and are awaiting to find out what the exact infection is. They are doing another x-ray today at 5 and are going to do another round of blood cultures tomorrow and hope to see that the anitbiotics are doing their thing. I asked the doctor if we know if she has the big time belly infection (NEC) and he said that we do not know yet. They are watching her very closely. I have asked for them to call us if anything changes negatively and to call anyways after the x-ray...still no word so I am taking that as a good sign. Please continue to keep her in your prayers - she needs them very badly right now. I pray that this does not make her deteriorate respiratory wise and I hope that her body bounces back very quickly from this so that she can begin to recieve food as well. Oh how I long for the days when being sick just means chicken soup and rest at home (maybe some tylenol)) instead of being such a big deal!

Reagan is doing very well still and the doctor even said that the only reason why she is staying on the cpap right now is because she is not gaining weight. For them to take her off of cpap and place her on the nasal cannula or just breath room air would make her work a little harder and, thus, burn more calories - which would not help her in gaining weight. The nurses continue to say that the main time she is having desats is during feeds or right afterwards - which does indicate possible reflux. I am so proud of her - her nurse also said that it is very encouraging that she has been able to stay on the cpap for a week now with little problems. This is a good sign that she may be able to stay on it for good - unless she gets sick (usually when a baby gets an infection they have to go back on the ventilator while their body fights the illness). They have added additional proteins to Reagan's milk and are hoping that this will help for her to gain weight. Please also pray for Reagan and that her body would begin to gain weight. She can grow so much stronger if her body will cooperate.

We will keep you posted as we hear back from the x-rays.

The doctor from the NICU called to let me know that the x-ray came back looking a little better. They will continue to x-ray so that they can keep an eye on it. They also started a dopamine drip for Cameron today - not for blood pressure but to help her kidneys (she and Reagan decided to switch places today). Overall good news from the x-ray...hopefully an even better x-ray to follow at 5 in the morning!


  1. Praying with you this afternoon for a positive report. We can not fathom how difficult this emotional roller coaster is for you and Seth. Our hearts hurt with you and rejoice with you throughout these days. We pray for your emotional and physical strength for each day.

  2. I am certainly praying hard for Cameron and her tummy issues! I pray that the antibiotics work and that she does not have NEC, and that this does not set her back that much! I pray for good results from the x-ray and that she will get better soon so that she can grow stronger! Poor girl she has been through a lot here lately. I am happy to hear that Reagan is doing well! I pray that it continues and that she gains weight and does not contract any illnesses so that she continues to grow strong! Know that the Carter family is prayed for daily here at the Springer household!

  3. Keeping you and your sweet babies in my prayers.

  4. I'll be thinking about little Cameron tonight before I go to bed. Just wanted to let you know! Stay warm & be careful if you venture out to see them tomorrow with all the snow you're supposed to get!

  5. Loved the picture of you with Reagan - how awesome it must have been to hold her! We are all praying for you, Seth, Aubrey and your precious little ones!