Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well after three weeks and one day our girls are finally reunited. They are now in the same room at the NICU. It was very strange going to visit today and being able to see how they were both doing at one glance. I will now have to practice really focusing on one and not always looking over my shoulder at the other one. Reagan is still doing well - tolerating the milk well and having occassional desats but had only had one brady this morning. I pray that she will be able to keep up her strength to continue to stay on the cpap.

Cameron is now off all of her dopamine (blood pressure medicine). Her nurse today said that her lungs were full with fluid but that is a direct result from the pda and the surgery. She is still on diuretics to help with that. She is continuing to have desats and keeping her nurse busy but her oxygen requirement on the ventilator has come down significantly since yesterday. I am not sure if the desats are due to the fluid in her lungs - that would make sense to me - but I plan on checking with the nurse later. I know that we have to take it one day at a time and we still have a ways to go but I will take every little improvement that I can get.

**I knew it was too good to be true. As of 9:30 tonight I was informed that at shift change they moved the girls apart and now they are on complete opposite ends of the NICU. They said it had something to do with the distribution of babies with nurses or something...Oh well, at least they got to see each other today. Both girls are doing well. They decided to add something to Reagan's milk today to give her more calories called Human Milk Factor and they are watching her to see how she is tolerating it and she had her PICC line removed today - Way to Go Reagan! Cameron is resting now and has lost a little bit of weight - probably fluid. I did check to see if the desats had to do with the fluid and the nurse told me that yes, that definitely is a contributor. They will do another x-ray in the morning to check her fluid levels and hopefully there will be less there!


  1. Yay! I am glad they are together and that things are going well today. Isn't it funny how quickly you begin to understand the NICU terms and start to know medical terms? As always we are praying and my little kindergarten class prays for you each day. They pray for the girls by name and even big sister Aubrey! :)

  2. I am sorry the girls didn't get to stay together, but it is sweet that they got to see one another even if it was for a few hours. I'm glad Reagan is doing well, not sure what a PICC line is, but I'm sure any time the girls get something removed or lowered it is a good thing. And I will continue to pray for Cameron's recovery. I will continue to pray for Reagan's less dependency on machines and medication, that actually goes for both of them, however, I know Cameron's most important thing right now is healing. Take care you two! If you need anything, call us!

  3. Sorry this girls had to be seperated! It does seem easier when you're not running from room to room but keeping them together will be hard. My boys would be in the same room at times but it never lasted. One would always be moved for some reason or another. And even at the end of our stay, they were never put in the same crib like some twins are. Who knows...but the absolute best is when they are in the same room and healthy enough to hold them both at the same time!!!! Your heart will want to explode! I can't wait until you post that picture :)