Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Peaceful Visit

Well, my parents and I went back to the NICU and we were so relieved to see the girls resting peacefully and doing well. It was such a wonderful break from the drama from earlier today. Reagan's belly issues resolved and she has had 3 feedings so far and will continue to get fed on a schedule of 2 hours with her feeding tube on and 2 hours with it off (which she will continue to be on until they try to teach her to feed with a bottle after she reaches the time she would have been 32-34 weeks unless she starts to show signs of distress in her belly again). Cameron seemed to calm down some with her blood pressure and her desats. The nurses have determined that Cameron is very stable when her pda is is when it is open that she has the trouble. Cameron's nurse tonight said that this is very typical of a baby with a pda and they are keeping her safe and stable.

I thank God so much for the chance to bond with my girls tonight after such a tough day both for them and for me. It felt so good to touch their hands or to rub their backs and tell them that I loved them and wanted them to keep working hard. Both girls started to move and open their eyes when they heard me talking (which of course made my heart soar!). I am so thankful that God has placed us in an area with good hospitals and that the doctors are working to keep my girls safe. Even after a rough day like today I find it so unbelievable when I look at all that God has done for us - more than what we ever thought imaginable (and more than what some of the doctors did too). I will continue to pray for more encouraging days though because they are what keep me going day in and day out.

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