Monday, January 5, 2009

Two Weeks Old!

Well, today the girls are officially two weeks old and I was so excited that I got to go in and see them for a few short minutes tonight. I have pictures that I will be uploading of the girls - probably tomorrow. I couldn't believe how much bigger they looked to me even just after four days of not seeing them. The good news is that both girls are above their birth weights now. Cameron is 1 lb. 11 oz. and Reagan is 1 lb. 12.5 oz.

Both girls had echoes today...Reagan's PDA is indeed closed - she does have a heart murmur (which is what the nurses have been hearing) but it does not appear to be with a major duct like the PDA is. The echo is currently not showing anything. Cameron however, does still have a what they call a "trivial PDA" which means that hers has opened back up. Because it is so small the nurse practitioner said that they may just let it be and see if it closes back up but we will find out more information tomorrow for sure.

Both girls also had blood transfusions today which has helped them and both are on very low vent settings (in hopes that they can be placed back on the cpap in the near future). Reagan's food has been increased in frequency. Cameron's belly was measuring a little large so they are watching her with her food and her blood pressure has been a little low so they are also watching that.

One cool thing is that both of Reagan's eyes are finally open. For about a week she looked like she was constantly winking because only one eye had opened up but now they are both open and it is like seeing my little girl in a whole new light.

Thank you so much for your prayers and we will continue to keep you posted. This mommy is just happy that she gets to go and see them whenever she likes again!


  1. Oh Leslie I am so happy for you that you got to go see them! I can't wait to see pictures! Sounds like your girls are being troopers! It's amazing how tiny they are and yet so strong. What progress they have made in two weeks! We pray for you all often. Take care! Love you all!

  2. That's great that they've come up with their weight. Cameron came up 5 oz from birth!!!! YAY! Just think in 2 more weeks maybe she'll gain 5 more. Can't wait to see pictures. Take care. Jen

  3. So glad for the good news and the updates! You are all constantly in my thoughts and prayers! Hang in there and rest in the hands of the great physician! Love You all! Leanne

  4. I posted on here last week to tell you I met a lady (Massengil) at Moe's who gave me the blog site. I tried to type a reply but it didn't go through.

    I am thinking of you, Seth, Aubrey, the twins, and the rest of the family. You all are constantly in my prayers. Let me know if you need anything or would like to have Aubrey come over and play.


  5. So glad to hear that you are back in to see your girls and could see Reagan with open eyes looking back. All of you are in my daily prayers. DS

  6. Leslie,
    I have decided that instead of talking/listening to the nurses' updates on the twins, I'll just read your blogs. It's easier to understand.

  7. haha seth, you would do that. by the way me and my mom are sharing this so if it sounds like the person on this account wants to steal aubrey its my mom otherwise its probably me. (as in ben)