Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Update

I woke up this morning so excited about going to see the girls after such a great day today...only to have a surprise get in the way of our at lunch (at a restaurant) Aubrey got sick all over me - yes I still feel so sorry for the waitress that we had because we had to jump up at run and get Aubrey and I both home for baths and leave her with the mess and our friends with the check (we owe them big time). Seth and I were joking about how we are in uncharted territory because Aubrey has never been sick with tummy troubles - I know we have a lot to be thankful for. So, anyway, Mommy duty at home prevails today and we just called to check on the girls today.

Reagan is getting her food increased today and is still doing well on her nasal cannula. Cameron is doing well - her x-ray looked a little better but still distended but the course of treatment is still the same. All in all they are behaving well today the nurse practitioner said. And as long as I am not feeling sick, I am not banned just have to watch closely and see how I feel tomorrow.


  1. Hello, I've been out of town at my in-laws (not in Cary though or you would have certainly heard from us.) Dianne and I couldn't stand not knowing what was going on with you, so Preston kept us updated so we knew how to pray for you, bet you thought I had disappeared since I hadn't left you a message in the past couple days... ha ha! Sounds like you had a very eventful weekend and everything has come out good except for your excitement today. I hate that for you, we haven't experienced that yet either. Man, have I been praying for you like crazy, especially for Cameron's tummy, now I'll include Aubrey's and that you and Seth remain healthy! God has been so good! Your message yesterday really lifted my spirits. Dr. Seth looks very comfy with his baby girls. Does life get any better than that!! Your girls look like baby dolls, so precious and sweet and very content in their daddy's arms. I am very happy for you and hope and pray for a good night and good day by day, and many more days like yesterday for you both! Love you, and praying for all of you!

  2. I am so thankful for this blog. I read it at least once a day and sometimes check back just to look at the pictures and read comments and spend time thinking about all of you. Reagan has a head full of hair! Her head and Seth's look a like. How very precious. I love to hear about Aubrey too. Although I hate she is sick...yuck...I just keep thinking about what it will be like when you really and truly have all three of them at a restaurant and ...oh my the imagination does take you places doesn't it. I love you all! You remain in my prayers.

  3. We were in heaven this weekend with our three adorable grandchildren and lost today without them. As Deedie said Preston came us updated but I had to come back to Cary and read everything again. Glad things have improved but so sorry Aubrey caught a bug. Hope it was a one time brief one and she feels better and you can get back to those precious babies. I can't stop staring at their pictures. That hair! She is going to have a ponytail before she leaves the hospital!!! That was a happy daddy and I know you loved watching. Glad you had the long visit and obviously R. & C. loved it. I think of you all during the day and night. Your girls are so lucky to have such wonderful parents and you such adorable girls. My prayers continue. DS