Thursday, January 8, 2009

Two Week Old Photos...Finally!

Well I was finally able to load the pictures of the girls from Monday! The first picture is of Reagan. This was the day that she opened both of her eyes (at least that I could see because we were not able to come due to sickness). She kept opening them and I would snap the camera and then she would close them right as I snapped the pictures. The second is of Cameron. Sorry for the flash but Cameron has a cool air mattress underneath her that helps her stay cozy like she would have been if she was still in her mommy's belly.
Both girls were doing well still this morning when I got there. Reagan has had her food increased much eating as she is doing I really hope that we start to see her weight go up and to see her grow quickly! Cameron is still on the medications to keep her stable while dealing with the pda but she is having a good day so far. However, Reagan I think wants to give me a complex about coming to visit her because right after I got there her alarm on her ventilator started to go off and her numbers started to drop .... then they realized that Reagan had extabated herself! She had moved her tube around inside and they had to rush to reintebate her! I went to Cameron's room while all the action was going on and Cameron's nurse was there to assure me that she (Reagan) was fine and that they just had to put the tube back in for her. After that, Reagan's nurse realized that she also had accidentally removed her IV so they had to put that back in as well! My girls and their tubes!
I just finished speaking with the nurses and Reagan is napping after her eventful morning and the doctors are hoping to maybe have her on all milk and no supplemental fluids in a couple of days (barring any crazy events). Cameron is still doing well. Her lungs are sounding good and she doesn't have as many secretions coming out in her breathing tube. They can still hear the murmur so we are watching how things go for tomorrow's dose of medicine and then she will get her echo to see what effect the medicine has had.


  1. Thanks for the pictures and update. Please, take care of yourself, mommy! It has only been two weeks since your surgery. I have added your family to another friend's prayer list, Lisa Williams. I am giving her the blog address. One day, your little girls will be amazed to hear "their stories and about their prayer warriors."

  2. Reagan doesn't even look preemie!!!!! Hooray for a good day!! Take care and thanks for posting so often so we can keep up!

  3. What beautiful pictures, Leslie. I am thinking of you constantly, and saying little prayers throughout the day for you and the girls, and Seth and Aubrey. We are all thinking of you all at school, too!
    All my love, my blessings, my thoughts, and my prayers,

  4. I love the pictures. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm sorry the girls are pulling out their tubes. You know its going to happen b/c they are too little to know any better but it stinks when you're there to see it. When my boys would pull out a line and I had to leave the room while the nurses fixed it I could still hear them cry and that was hard. I'm sure you're going through the same thing. You want to be there to comfort your baby but part of you wants to run and hide. I think God protects these little ones from this pain. Have you noticed how preemies are so tough during all this. They go through so much drama then right back to napping! A nurse in the NICU told me "preemies don't really 'wake-up' until closer to their due date." I think that's God protecting them from all that is going on around them. They will never remember any of this. Thank God for the dedicated staff at Duke and all they do for these babies.

  5. Congratulations on your beautiful little girls! We are keeping ALL of you in our prayers. God is so good and it is amazing to see how he is working in and through these tiny little ones! We love reading your blog and following how your babies are is also so uplifting to see all of the WOW moments that are happening in your lives! We'll continue to lift you all up in prayer! Tricia and Ernie Jarrell