Friday, January 30, 2009

Can't think of any new titles so....Update

Well, Cameron was able to be fed one more time and then she quit going to the bathroom. So, they had to take her off of food and back on dopamine for renal function. They did a full blood workup and ran blood cultures again just to be on the safe side. As of early this morning she was using the bathroom normally and her nurse was hopeful they would take her off the dopamine and then she would be able to resume eating today. I will be calling today after 11 or so but we are taking Aubrey to the doctor today because she is still having tummy troubles.

Reagan's brain scan turned out fine and she is still doing well. I asked her nurse about her nasal cannula use and she said that Reagan is doing so well they may actually begin trialing her with just room air on her own in the near future. Both girls are on room air - not requiring any oxygen. They will both also be screened by the opthamologist next week again for their eyes.

Cameron is being fed throughout the weekend. They have taken her off of her medicine and she is doing all that she is supposed to. They will leave her on the cpap for the weekend so she can focus on eating more. Reagan was taken off of the nasal cannula this afternoon. She stayed off and did well regulating her own breathing for 30 minutes and then started to desat so they placed her back on the cannula. They probably won't try to take her off again for a while since she couldn't maintain her own saturation for a long extended period of time. That's fine with me, I don't want her to work any harder than she has to because she needs to save those calories to gain weight!

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  1. It absolutely amazes me how awesome your girls are doing. I cannot believe how well they are able to do being born at only 25 weeks, they still had at least 7 more weeks to grow on the inside and they are doing it so well outside (I know they have had their ups and downs, but man, they are doing so awesome.) And for Cameron to be doing as well as she is after having heart surgery, you go girl! It amazes me, God is so awesome. I don't even know what else to say this time, but praise God! And I thank Him for loving us all so much and giving us more than we deserve! Doesn't having kids and loving them give you just a tiny idea of how much He loves us!?! Because He loves us so much more! Just wanted to leave a little (long) note, it has been a couple of days since I last commented. I have been praying hard for all of you. I hope that everything was ok with Aubrey at the dr. the other day and that your whole household is on the mend! Take care and continue getting lots of rest, don't catch any more bugs!