Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kangaroo Care With Daddy

Here is Cameron napping with Daddy and the second picture is of how she posed the whole time - almost an hour! Right now her skin is looking yellow because of the IV fluids that they are giving her for her food - once she starts on milk it should start to go away.

This is Reagan on her Daddy's chest! She kept her eyes wide open staring at her Daddy in the mask and then his beard most of her time with him. Towards the end she started to get really calm and started to fall asleep. She loved being with her Daddy so much you should have heard her start to cry when the nurse took her off. She was very sad - but it was time for us to head home and time for Reagan to begin getting her food again!
Well, the girls are most definitely Daddy's girls - they love their Daddy holding them! They both got to take naps on Daddy for an hour a piece today and they loved it - their oxygen saturation was higher and they were much calmer. Cameron and Daddy both took naps for an hour together. While they were sleeping Reagan was wiggling like crazy trying to get Daddy's attention for herself and kept moving her cpap all around! When Daddy finally got to hold her she just curled up and calmed down right on Daddy's chest! I had the best time watching Seth bond with his girls - it was almost as if it was me. So, I got to visit with the sister that was not being held and also was the photographer. We stayed for over 5 hours today - it was great!

Not only did the girls get to kangaroo today but both got encouraging reports. Cameron is no longer diagnosed with medical NEC. They are still seeing abnormal belly x-rays but there is no pneumatosis and so they are not calling it that anymore. They are still giving her antibiotics and will take another x-ray tomorrow morning. So, altogether the report is no different than last night - they are just calling it something else I guess. But I have to admit it still makes me feel better that they are no longer calling it NEC. As you can see things change like the wind but I am thankful for what I know right now and pray that things will continue to get better. They have decided to place Cameron back on cpap altogether (not because she deteriorated). They said that they only placed her on the cannula to give her head a break from the cpap mask that she has to wear - she was getting irritated. So, now that she has had a little break they are back on cpap full force. Last night Cameron weighed 1 lb. 12 ounces.

As of today Reagan is off of antibiotics and they are beginning to feed her once again. They also placed her on the nasal cannula today and she seemed to like it. All morning they had been weaningg her down on her cpap a level to see how she would do...Well, she was quite the active baby and the nurse said that she would venture to say that the cpap spent just as much time off of Reagan's face as it did on her face. So, Seth and I were able to be there for the event and then she was placed on Seth. They were hopeful that with the cpap off of her face (which is what she seemed determined to do on her own with all of her wiggling) that she maybe would calm down a bit and rest - which would also help her to gain some weight. The nurse practitioner said that they are starting Reagan over with milk with no additives and then they will proceed slowly. If all goes well, Reagan could be back on full feeds by mid-week. I pray that she will continue to be strong enough for the nasal cannula and that she would also get some rest so that her body can use that energy to grow. Today she wiggled so much, she kept wiggling right out of her diaper! Last night Reagan weighed 1 lb. 13 ounces.


  1. What an encouraging day! I can't wait to see pictures of the girls kangarooing with their daddy. What precious times! I know you guys needed this, especially after all you've been through the past few days. Thank you for updating us, even after long exhausting days. We will continue to pray for wonderful x-ray reports and bellies that can tolerate food so your girls can grow and gain weight. We love you all...Brian & Kelly

  2. Great news!!! There's a girl on my facebook friends that I have never met except through a preemie group and she wrote on my wall that she called some of her friends that don't even know us to pray for the girls. There are people all over praying for them. Glad to hear that Seth got to hold them! Can't wait to see pics!

  3. Good pictures! Isn't it crazy how you feel like you can't do it because they're too fragile & small but your "mommy" & "daddy" roles kick in instantly!? They look great! Can't believe how much hair they still have!

  4. What a precious time - that during kangaroo time, daddy and daughter were at peace and slept. We appreciate the detailed updates. You are an excellent writer and we feel as if we are walking right beside you and experiencing so much of your journey first hand. As you are walking this journey, we hold to the promise that He is ahead of us and preparing us for the next minute, hour and day. We continually lift you and your family in our prayers for strength, peace and wisdom. Always remember that we are only a phone call away if you need anything.

  5. Wow! I love the pictures. I shed a tear when I read about how Reagan cried when pulled away from daddy. I have never been this emotional in my life. Your girls look soooo similar to ours (size-wise). I think their weights are pretty close too. God bless you guys!