Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Latest on the Girls

At last check at 5:45, the girls are doing well. Today they decided to do another echo on Reagan to be sure that the heart murmur that they are hearing is not her pda. They decided to do it even though she is asymptomatic in light of the fact that Cameron's closed and then reopened. Her nurse said that this is her third echo showing that the pda has closed so that is a positive thing. She is doing great with her food.

Seth went back to see Cameron about an hour after her surgery and he said that already she was doing better - even though the surgeon said that it should take a few days to fully recover from the surgery. Cameron's dosage of blood pressure medicine has aready begun to decrease (from 20 to 12) and she is doing well according to her nurse. She is back in her little incubator and is resting. She has already woken up from the surgery but the medicine they are giving her for pain is helping her to sleep and heal - which is good because I would imagine that all those wiggles would only make healing more painful.

It is crazy that I am continually amazed at how God just shows up in our life - you would think that I would expect it by now because He is and always has been more than faithful - even when things don't turn out as I expect. I can just imagine God sitting back and laughing when I am astonished at His work saying - "Don't you know by now little girl that I can move mountains, I created the heavens and the earth - I can most certainly do this." I am so thankful that He definitely has moved mountains in our life - especially most recently.

Hopefully this next week will bring less ups and downs and more positive news about our little ones. We will keep you posted with the updates!


  1. Thank you so much for commenting on our blog! You are the only people we've heard from (which is cool, because we didn't expect to hear from anyone). I'm very glad that your girls are doing well. Please feel free to use us and our blog for any resources that may help you. I'll be praying that your girls are as blessed as Gwyneth has been. You're in a good place with great people watching over them!


  2. YEA CAMERON and REAGAN!! So glad that God continues to answer your prayers the way that you had hoped. Still praying for you in Winston-Salem!