Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well, last night I called the NICU - actually it was 3 am this morning and Cameron's nurse was so sweet - she said "I was so worried about you! I thought for sure that you must be sick because I hadn't heard from you!" I told her that I had just fallen asleep by accident and that is why I did not call. She shared that after Cameron ate that she suctioned her out and it was bloody. So, they did a belly x-ray and it looked good. Then, they decided to give her Zantac. She mentioned that when a baby goes as long as Cameron has without food sometimes their stomachs can get an ulcer or get irritated from all the stomach acids. They had to put the replogle back in and take her off of feeds and reevaluate this morning. This morning they have decided to go ahead and continue her on zantac but to start her back on her food. They will continue to watch her but her belly looks great and she is doing well. Reagan had her head ultrasound this morning and the results are still not back yet. She is on full feeds now and they are starting back with adding the Human Milk Factor. Both girls eyes are not showing signs of retinopothy and they are showing normal exams for premature babies (so not what a full term baby's eyes would look like but normal for their gestational age). They will continue to get eye exams routinely now to check for any changes.

Still sick at the Carter house but hopefully we are nearing the end!

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  1. Mrs. Carter,
    Luke and I have been following Cameron and Reagan's incredible journey. We are so amazed and uplifted by your family's enduring faith. Thank you sharing this journey and for being such an extraordinary example of God's grace. We hope that you and Seth can get back to visit the girls soon. Our prayers are with you.
    Lynn & Luke Jones