Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sigh!...How Much Longer?

Well, today we received word that Cameron still has the staph infection. Her blood cultures have come back positive - Again! I don't know why but today that news really hit kind of hard...I think that the lack of being able to see the girls is beginning to take its toll and hearing that one of them is still sick is killing me. To top it all off I got the official word that I am not allowed in the NICU until 7 days after the last person in our house is contagious. So that means at the earliest I will be able to go and see the girls next Sunday...if Aubrey continues to do well. Sorry I don't mean to sound like I am having a pity party for myself (even though I kind of am!). I am willing to make the sacrifice if it means keeping them well.

Cameron's nurse told me last night that her cheeks are getting chubby (she must take after me). She also said that last Saturday when she gave her a bath she put her in a dress and took her picture! She is supposed to email the picture to me and I have been waiting on pins and needles to see it! I miss seeing them so much! Even though she still has the infection, she is doing great on the cpap, handling the food they are giving her, and her body is doing all that it is supposed to be doing.

Reagan's doctors and nurses have decided to try her again off of the nasal cannula in a couple of days. They don't want to continually stress her out day after day so they try to build in some rest time. She is handling the food well so far and has learned that she likes the pacifier - you should see how small, it is like they are made for baby dolls! Her nurse said that she and one of Reagan's other primaries were laughing at her because they would step away after just getting Reagan situated in her incubator and then they would see her lift herself up on all fours and catapult herself forward. They are convinced that she is determined to come out of the NICU crawling already!

The nurses have been so great about reassuring me and telling the girls that we love them for us. I also have to say that when I heard that the girls' nurses were calling when they were off of work to check on the girls that it brought tears to this Mom's eyes because I know that they are also loved by the nurses that work with them. We have so much to be thankful for including the fact that Aubrey is finally starting to act like herself again - In fact, a friend sent us some Preemie clothes that her daughters have outgrown and she is sitting in a pile of them after just turning the box upside down!


  1. Leslie, have a pity party for yourself, you are certainly entitled to it! I am sitting here crying for you. I can't imagine how you must feel being away from them and can't go see them. I am praying, my biggest prayer right now is that no one else gets sick and those 7 days fly by and Reagan and Cameron will get to see their Mommy soon! and Daddy too. Of course I am certainly praying for their continued health and that Cameron will soon be healed of her staff infection. God has already worked some miracles and He will continue. And my following comments make me smile...I think it is funny that Reagan is wanting to crawl, that's a strong girl, and I'd love to see Cameron in a dress and her chubby cheeks! I bet she looked like a baby doll. You two take care, I hope that Aubrey is better now and that your household will be sick free for 7 days so you can see your babies! Love you all and praying for you continuously!

  2. I am starting to feel bad that I am being out done by Deedie in the comments. Every time you see Deedies comments, I ditto that. Unless its any girly stuff that I just can't understand or will never understand. Another reason is that for me to say all I would like to, it would take me over an hour to type then fix all my bad grammar and spelling. So I will stick with occasional emails and more than occasional prayers. Do know that I love you all and we do have you in our prayers more than anything else, all I can seem to pray for is your gang. So keep you chin up, I know it sucks, and just remember how wonderful and really hot and sexy your husband is to make you feel better.(hows that Seth?)