Sunday, January 18, 2009

What A Night!

Well, we were finally able to hold Reagan tonight and it was wonderful! I cannot even begin to tell you how exciting it was and (I will not lie) a little scary too. I am so thankful that I have now been able to hold both of my girls and as long as we can all stay healthy I plan on doing so whenever I can! Reagan has continued to do well. They increased her food again and she gained about 1/2 an ounce yesterday.

The other big news that we have today is that Cameron was able to be extubated. You will see in the photos below the before (with the tube) and the after (with the cpap).

Her nurse says that she has done beautiful since going on the cpap - no desats or anything so far. Her belly is looking much better and she is handling the cpap very well. Her blood pressure is doing much better and they are weaning on the steroid medicine they had her on. She was very worn out from such an eventful day and she slept soundly the whole time that we were there. Cameron gained almost an ounce last night - she is 813 grams.
My heart overflows with joy tonight. I am so proud of my little fighters and so proud of how they are doing. To just even think about the possibility that I might be able to go to the hospital and actually hold both of them in one day brings me to tears. I pray that is a reality that I can experience soon (preferably tomorrow if I have anything to say about it!). They have come so far for such little ones. And while I know that tomorrow could bring a different set of circumstances I am so thankful for the wonderful times of today. I wonder if I delight in this so much, how much more does their creator - who knows the hairs on their heads and every wrinkle in their skin - be delighting in their progress as well and that makes me even happier (as if that is possible right now!).


  1. It is so encouraging to hear the joy in your blog!
    As much as you love Reagan and Cameron, and as much as all of us have grown to love these precious babies - it is hard for our finite minds to comprehend the love that God has for His little miracles! Thank you again for sharing your journey with us!

  2. I am so excited for you Leslie and Seth!! I can't imagine how that must feel, to be able to see your babies and not be able to hold them; and then when you do, I bet it is better than any feeling that you have ever experienced! I am so happy for you both and am praying right now that you will soon get to hold them both in the same day, hey let's do shoot for tomorrow!! I will certainly pray for that! I am also excited to hear that they are both doing well! I pray every day for them and will continue! They continue to amaze me. I thank God that He gave your doctors the ability, 1st to know when to deliver your babies, and then be able to deliver 25 week 4 day gestation old babies, and at the same time He enable them (doctors and nurses) to know how care for them. God is so awesome! I am so excited that I could keep typing, but I'll go for now! Congratulations!! Your girls are so cute and tiny and yet so strong! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  3. Leslie, I LOVE the look on your face in that picture of you and Reagan! Priceless! Her little hat is so TINY! And, YAY for Cameron showing us what a little trooper she is too ... overcoming belly issues, urinary issues, and getting off the vent! Wow, what a week these girls have had. We continue to pray without ceasing for you all. Here's praying for a double kangaroo day tomorow!

  4. Oh my, how very tiny and how very wonderful that look of joy on mom's face. Thank you for blessing us with these updates. And thank you Lord that you do care about every detail...the hairs on our head and these very precious little girls and their faithful mom and dad and their doubly precious sister Aubrey. Amen.

  5. What an amazing journey your girls are on and how amazing that they have come this far. God is so good!! I pray that your little miracles continue to do well and that God gives you strength each and every day to face what comes your way! I LOVE the look great Leslie!!

    Carrie Sellers

  6. Look at your strong little troopers! We are so excited about their progress. Thank you so much for all the updates. Seth sure is surrounded by a beautiful wife and precious girls...what a lucky guy!!! God sure is good! Can't wait for more updates. We will pray for their upcoming ultrasound and for daily strength. Love you lots.